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SEO 411 is a full service Internet marketing and SEO management provider. We offer all the necessary components, to owning a successful website, including on-site and off-site optimization as well as social media. We work with our customers to develop, host, promote and rank websites, as well as provide turn key IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Often a company will specialize in only one area. Because of diverse management and expertise, SEO411 is a perfectly blended company that can address all website needs from programming and development, network support and hosting, to marketing and optimization, as well as the increasingly important social networking component.

We are client oriented and recognize that each client comes with a different set of circumstances, goals, and understanding. How the Internet can help a business grow must be tailored to fit each individual business model.  The key is listening to our clients. We then work with them to adapt their circumstances into a successful online presence that meets their goals.

SEO411’s management is comprised of veteran leaders in the SEO and Internet marketing community.

Principal Elizabeth Guide started in the web design and hosting industry in 1997, forming ACTWD, which specialized in small business web design and hosting. ACTWD has always been highly rated and has received several awards for outstanding customer service.  Prior to doing web development she worked for various news agencies in the North East. She has also worked as a freelance writer for PR agencies, helping companies like Dow Chemical work with disaster relief.  Ms. Guide teaches Internet marketing at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), part of the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business.

Principal Dominik Hussl brings to the table a long career in Search Engine Optimization, as well as website management. Mr. Hussl has been working within the industry since 1999 and brings a practical knowledge to owning a business that has a high-powered website driving its sales. In addition, he is exceptional with management and operations skills.  Mr. Hussl also teaches at the SBDC, as well as various other speaking engagements.

Class Notes: Articles and Author Tags ( 0 )

In the battle for relevance in ranking online, you must be armed with content, links, and social media.

Among these components for creating a successful webpage, content, or articles, represent the most significant factor.  Unique and relevant content brings results in ranking and web exposure.  As you work to create your content pages, you need to exert equal effort towards protecting that content. 

Author tags are now necessary in order to claim credit for your content.  Author tags also offer other benefits.  When your author tag accompanies your content on a Google search page, you stand out in a long list of bland entries.  Also, your individual articles appear more personal, as each one is connected to a picture of you, or a real, relatable person. 

You need to have an author tag on EVERY content page, and ONLY on content pages.  This includes your Home page, About Us page, and every other page that houses information.  You should NEVER put author tags on product pages, or Google will penalize your site from ranking.

Google is constantly raising the level of difficulty for ranking, so here are some additional notes to consider when constructing your articles.

Notes on writing Article pages:

- You will need to get busy, because you need to produce at least 100 pages of articles if you want to rank competitively! 

- Your articles must follow a specific format to be relevant: they are 500 word essays.  Even your About Us page should be 500 words.  These essays must be written using a keyword as your subject.  The keyword is what a person would search for on Google.

- Use Google AdWords to help you brainstorm for a variety of helpful keywords.  Simply go to, and sign in to your Google account.  You can use the Keyword Tool under the Tools and Anaylsis bar.

- Choose your keywords carefully: Google distinguishes between “local” and “national” keywords, and you should know what the direction of your business is so that you can make the most appropriate choice.  An example of a local keyword would be “dentist,” as the user would most likely be looking for a dentist that they would visit locally.  “Oil painting” would be viewed as a national search, as the user would be primarily interested in a unique work of art, and not its relative proximity. 

- Once you have selected your keywords, you can begin writing your articles.  Your writing style should follow a specific format as well.  It is very important that the keyword represents 1% OR LESS of your article.  If your article is 500 words, then you should only have 5 keywords.  If you have 650 words, only put 6 keywords.  Google severely penalizes your site for stuffing articles with more keywords.

- Do not ramble on to produce more keywords.  Clear, concise writing is more valuable than long, unfocused writing.  Do not exceed 800 words.  If you feel you have more to say, you most likely need to break your information up into two articles.

- Clear and straight-forward writing also means avoiding complicated jargon.  Google expects that the average user reads at a 9th or 10th grade level.  A useful tool for determining your readability can be found at  You can copy and paste your text into the window, and calculate your Flesch score.  Remember that your audience is not a seasoned professional in your area, so you need to make sure that you website is verbally accessible to them.

Notes on writing Blogs:

- Blogs are not articles; they are not designed to be 500 word essays.  Blog posts should fall between 200-300 words, and the 1% keyword rule still applies! 

- Blogs operate on a more temporary relevancy, as the focus of the posting should be time-based material.  Keep this in mind when you choose subject matter for your posts.  Postings indicate that you are frequently active on your site, which Google views favorably, but the posts are demoted in relevance after a short time period. 

- A good practice is to post to blogs, and to simultaneously post articles that are similar, but not as focused on time-based material.

When writing articles or blog posts, DO NOT create a duplicate content situation.  If you do, you are not providing Google with any new content, rather, you are serving as a middle-man to content that Google already had access to.

- You can go to, and paste your page in the text box.  This tool will tell you if your content is used anywhere else on the internet.  If there are large consecutive areas of your content that have already been used, it is advisable to adjust your content so that it is unique. 

- Please keep in mind that for Google, it is the specific word order that must be unique.  Your subject matter will invariably be similar to other sites, but your word order must be unique.

- It is very important to include author tags on all of your content pages, so that you document your claim to the information.  If you leave your pages un-protected, then you offer others the chance to find your original content and tag it for themselves.

There are instructions on how to use Google+ and how to create author tags on the “Class Notes: Google+” section of 

So there you have it – follow these guidelines to create relevant content pages and protect them with author tags.  Ready, set, get busy!

Class Notes: Facebook and Bing ( 0 )

Search Engine Optimization. SEO For Facebook from Jay Mock on Vimeo.

 Brief History of Relationship between Bing, Yahoo & Now Facebook

Facebook & SEO

Facebook pages, as a community management tool have become very important for a few reasons. In the last part of October 2010 Facebook pages started receiving first page ranking form Google organic listings.


  1. Pages Get Internal Promotion on
    Facebook Page updates will show up on your fans' page feed when they "Like" it -. Page updates are promoted on the right hand "suggestion" column when your friends join them. *( How to get people to like you is discussed below)
  2. Search Engine Visibility
    When it comes to getting visibility off of Facebook: Pages now can be seen by non-Facebook users, and can be crawled by search engines as any other static page would. It's also important to mention that Facebook
    Pages can have a "vanity URL"
    Here is mine,
    Click Here To Claim Yours. This can only be done once and cannot be changed.
  3. Search On Google for “Discount Rampsrenders a page 3 ranking on a Facebook “Note” & Twitter page.

A Facebook Page is kind of like a blog. It gets updated by you, just like a website would. Use it to make broad product categories (like Commercial Lighting, Sport Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, and Residential Lighting).

1.    Facebook pages & notes are now visible to search engines (notes are not visible in business account).

2.    Each Facebook page is like a subdomain in functionality.

3.    Each page has its own wall.

4.    Creates a community mailing list that you can reach out to at any time!

5.    Should put up both types of pages.

Two Kinds Of Facebook Accounts

There are two kinds of Facebook accounts you can have: personal and business.


1. A personal account is what you get when you sign on as a regular user, and create a profile for yourself: an individual. A business account is what a personal account can be converted into.


2. A Business Account is limited in the sense that search engines can only view ad placements and Facebook Pages, but nothing else.


How To Create A “Page” (A Facebook Page Is Like A Main Category Page On A Website).

  1. Join Facebook
  2. Login to Facebook
  3. Create a facebook page by typing “create page” in FB search window.
  4. On the right side under “Official Page” select the brand, product, or organization radio button.

Under page name enter a category main keyword. Example: “Commercial Lighting Fixtures”.

Facebook User Application Levels

1. Business has no website & no blog will have to enter all information manually using simple HTML code:

<a href="">RLLD Commercial Lighting Fixtures</a>

End Result: RLLD Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Allowed HTML Tags!/notes_cheatsheet.php

Example Page 1: Link done with HTML!/notes/jay-mock/tennis-court-lighting/169034489807095

Example 2: Link done with page address:!/notes/jay-mock/tips-on-buying-commercial-lighting-poles-light-fixtures/168830376494173


2. Business has website with xml or rss but no segmented feed and a blog will have to enter all notes manually along with importing blog feed to facebook notes. Word Press does a good job of segmenting out categories. Example: Each main category has its own rss feed button:


3. Do Not Pull A lot of posts in one day, you may get blocked for pulling to many feeds.

4. Business has website with segmented xml or rss feeds and a blog feed.

All website feeds are pulled to Facebook dynamically.

SEO Through The Notes Application

Notes are published under individual “Pages”. Facebook Notes Application is search engine friendly in personal account only.


How to import notes to specific “Pages”

  1. Go to accounts and select “Manage Pages”
  2. Then select “Page” to be edited from drop down menu.
  3. Once on correct “Page” Click the notes tab at top of page.
  4. Then click the Import a blog link on the left side at bottom of page.
  5. Enter the URL (web address) of your blog, xml, rss or atomic feed address into the text box, and check the box underneath that states that you agree to our Terms of Use.
  6. To complete the process, click on "Save Settings."

Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts or rss/xml feed posts you import will automatically display.

SEO & Sharing On Facebook

Link Your Page to Your Twitter Account

You can now export your Facebook Page updates to Twitter. Click here to enable this feature. One Click Link To Twitter:!/twitter/


How To Delete A Page
To delete your Page: Click "Edit Page" underneath the profile picture...

To delete your Page:

1.    Click "Edit Page" underneath the profile picture when viewing your Page.

2.    Select "Manage Permissions" from the left sidebar.

3.    Click "Permanently delete this Page." Please keep in mind that once you delete your Page, there's no way to reinstate it.


*How To Get People To “Like” You
Want To WIN A RLLD Commercial Lighting $100 dollar gift card? Snap a picture of yourself next to a finished lighting project using our fixtures and post picture, with = one paragraph description on our Facebook Page or email to:, and clicking the “like” button enters you into the contest. Best Picture Wins!

You get two bangs for your buck; a picture with my client that can be used as a case study and getting them to “like” your page that will help increase your internal page ranking and in the future Bing search results.

When customers call in ask them to “like” a specific page like commercial lighting fixtures that also enters them into the contest to win a $100.00 gift certificate.

Class Notes: Google Guidelines Part One ( 0 )

Who is Google's customer? The end-user. Google's ultimate goal is to provide the best possible results for the end-user who is the person using their search engine. As a result, Google has created an algorithm based on human behavior. In order to create this algorithm, Google has employed human reviewers who evaluate thousands of websites in order to assess whether or not the website is user-friendly while adhering to Google’s guidelines. A questionnaire given to human reviewers includes basic questions to critique any given website.

Some examples of the basic questions that the human reviewers are asked are:

Does your page load, and if it does, is it loading slowly?
If it does load slowly, make sure that your images are not too large or that your design is not too cumbersome.

Is the page in the right language?
This one should be a no brainer!

Is the page porn?
Check through your site and make sure it has not been hacked.

In order to have a top-ranking website, it will behoove you to consider the following concerns in order to provide the end-user with the best results.

When putting a page up for your website, take the time to identify the purpose of the page. Be aware of the fact that what you think the page is about, and what the end-user might think the page is about, are often two different things. You are the expert, but it’s imperative to communicate while avoiding jargon. Speak in laymen’s terms. Be as explanatory as possible without sounding repetitive.

Figure out what your customers think that you do, and cater to that. There is a big correlation between what services you offer and what your customer is looking for.

Make sure that the structure of your site is logical and easy to navigate. Categorize your main topics in broad terms.
Avoid creating duplicate content at all costs. Every article or page of your website should have a unique theme, especially if the same keyword is used multiple times to produce content.

While considering the above concerns, try to view each piece from a human element. Think of yourself as a Google end-user. Do not do anything that will comprise the logic and fluidity of your website in order to ‘game the system’. Websites that practice SEO techniques that do not adhere to Google’s guidelines are penalized!

Class Notes: Google+ ( 0 )

Google has recently introduced a Google+ author tag for stamping ownership of content on the internet. The author tag works as a cyclical link, linking your website to your Google+ profile, and back to your website.

The author tag should appear ONLY on pages of relevant, valuable content. It should NEVER be placed on product pages, or the author will be in violation of Google's ranking system.

Apart from claiming ownership to original material on the internet, the author tag is beneficial in search results. If executed properly, the author tag should produce a small image of the author (a headshot) next to listings in the Google seach engine. Seeing a face next to an article is inherently reassuring. The reader can actually see who the author is, which eliminates any suspicions of spam or unoriginal content. In addition, the image juxtaposed to search results will set your listing apart from every other listing that only contains text.

In order to incorporate the author tag into your website, follow these 3 steps:

1. Create an "About Us" page for your website, if one does not already exist. You can also title it "Author Page". This page should state who you are, what you do and list your credentials.

2. If you do not have a Google account, sign up immediately. If you already have a google account, you automatically have a Google+ profile. Go to your profile page at Select the profile tab on the left hand side. Once you see your profile, select the blue "Edit Profile" box on the top right corner of the page. Next, select the "About" tab underneath the cover photo. Scroll to the bottom and select "Contributor to". Click on "Add Custom Link" and then insert the URL for the "About Us" page on your website.

3. The last step is to insert the Google+ author tag code into your website. The HTML code is as follows:

<a rel="author" href=""><img src="" width="16" height="16"></a>

It is absolutely imperative that the HTML is written correctly, or it will not work. It is advised to place the tag as close to the top of each page of content as possible in order to increase visibilty and access to your Google+ profile.

So that's it. Follow these three steps, and you will not only claim your content but you will be one step ahead of the game that is SEO!

Class Notes: How To Avoid Keyword Stuffing ( 0 )

Google's newest update, Penguin, has instituted over optimization penalties to websites that have engaged in the practice of "keyword stuffing", among other practices. Keyword stuffing refers to the overuse of a given term in the website's navigation, articles, title tags and so on.

Google is now viewing keywords in four separate but related categories: monetizable, informational, local and national. Keywords that are monetizable are considered terms that can potentially generate revenue for your website. Informational keywords are viewed as terms that yield informative content only. Local keywords and national keywords are considered terms that apply to surrounding areas or nation-wide areas, respectively.

This categorization is important because Google will apply harsher judgment in regards to ranking for monetizable terms and national terms.

In order to prevent Google from penalizing your website for misuse and abuse of what they now deem acceptable optimization, consider the following:

1. Build your product pages with close attention to detail. The product description should not exceed 100 words, otherwise Google will consider this over optimization of a monetizable term.

2. Construct the navigation setup of your website by creating a well-thought-out, organized outline. Think about what you do as a business, what you sell, what you offer, what you provide. What is your hook to sell? Using the information you gather from brainstorming these questions, think about how you can effectively categorize your products, services, or business information by avoiding keyword stuffing.

Think of the outline of your navigation, and its categories, as a book. Your website's homepage is the book cover, and the categories within your navigation are the chapters to the book. Follow this guideline below:


Home Page
Topic 1
     Sub-topic A
     Sub-topic B
Topic 2
     Sub-topic A
     Sub-topic B
     Sub-topic C

And so on. Remember, avoid using the same word or phrase over and over in your navigation categories. You WILL be penalized for over use. Brainstorm and be creative. With enough time and thought devoted to your outline, your website will remain organized and safe from penalty.


3. When building the title tag for a page on your website, avoid keyword stuffing by using the same word or phrase more than once. For example, if you were to write a page for an art gallery website about French Impressionist Paintings, a bad title tag would look like this:       

                French Impressionist Paintings French Impressionist Painters

Here’s where it gets tricky—each phrase in the title tag above is valuable and may be relevant to the article, French Impressionist Paintings and French Impressionist Painters. Without the word “French” in front of “Painters” and “Impressionist” betwixt “Famous Paintings”, the words “painters” and “famous paintings” would be too broad.

Luckily, Google reads title tags like a mathematical multiplication problem. Let’s take a step back to grade school math:

Consider you have three variables A B and C.

                A(B+C) = AB +AC

This would translate to the effectiveness of your title tag, even without each specifying adjective in front of each separate word. For example:

Consider you have four variables:  French, Impressionist, Paintings and Painters.

                French (Impressionist+Paintings +Painters) =

                French Impressionist
                French Paintings
                French Painters

In conclusion, you do not have to repeat a specifying word in order to ensure that a keyword in your title tag is not too broad. What is more important is the placement of each word in the title tag. Rule of thumb suggests that the relevancy of each word (and its multiplied phrase) decreases from first to last. With that knowledge, place the most relevant and valuable keyword or phrase first in your title tag, with the remaining words placed in descending order of importance.


Class Notes: How To Build A Page For Your Website ( 0 )

In case you didn't know, "content is king" when it comes to building pages for your website. So what exactly does that mean? What constitutes a page?

A website consists of various types of pages including ad-copy pages (Home, About Us, Contact, etc.), product pages (listings for products or services) and content pages (articles based on keywords).

Content pages are the most important. You must create original, valuable content relating to your business or organization in order to be viewed by Google as a desired source. The appropriate number of content pages for a given website varies from 10-20 up to 300-400 depending on the scope of your field. 

Google recognizes good content and in fact, content pages are one of the main variables in determining the ranking of a website.

The main components of a content page are:

1.      A keyword: A word or phrase related to your field.

2.      Title: A short, descriptive title that includes the keyword.

3.      Title Tag: The description that appears on the window tab.

4.      Meta Description: The text that appears underneath the link to your page in search listings.

5.      Body: The text of the article.

6.      Anchor Text: Any text, usually a keyword, that is linked to an internal page of your website.

Now that you know what a content page should include, follow these 6 steps to get started:

1.      Create a keyword list. Google tracks every search made by Google users and logs the results. The most commonly searched words of phrases are referred to as “keywords.” In order to build a keyword list, start by writing down any term, phrase, or subject that is related, and relevant, to your business.

Using your list of terms, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool to build a list of the exact words and phrases Google users type into searches that are related to the terms used in your business. In order to access the keyword tool, you must have a Google account. If you already have a Google account, go to Select “Tools and Analysis,” then select “Keyword Tool.” In the text box labeled “Word or Phrase” type in a few of your terms from your list.

Click Search. The results will show the “global monthly searches” for each generated keyword that relates to your terms. In order to maximize on your optimization, choose keywords from this generated list to create a new list of words and phrases. If you are starting from scratch, it is better to begin with keywords that have less global monthly searches. The lower the number, the less competitive it will be to rank on that term.

2.      Take your first keyword and write a 500 word article. Be creative. If you take some time to brainstorm you can come up with plenty of subject matter that pertains to just one keyword. For example, if you owned an art gallery, and you needed to write an article with the keyword “abstract art paintings,” you could write about the different styles of abstract art, famous artists who worked in an abstract style, movements of abstract art and so on.

The keyword or phrase should appear in the article FIVE separate times. The placement of the keyword should appear natural, and be peppered throughout the article. For instance, do not start every paragraph with a sentence including the keyword.

3.      Name your article. The title of your article must include the keyword, but do not just use the keyword itself as the title. This appears “spammy.” Create a descriptive title, but not too long. In order to judge if it is too lengthy, type the title into the URL bar. It the entire title is not visible, then it is too long. Using the “abstract art paintings” example, a good title would be “The Attraction of Abstract Art Paintings.”

4.      Create a title tag. You will build your title tag based on the keyword. The keyword should appear first, followed by other RELATED keywords, some of which you might have included in your article. Using the example above, the title tag could look like: “Abstract Art Paintings Modern Canvas Artwork.” Your title tag SHOULD NOT include commas and should remain around 65 characters.

It’s important that your title tag is done correctly. Often times a poor title tag is the sole cause for a page to remain unranked.

5.      Create your meta description. Your meta description should be a short description of the article. It is not necessary to write more than a paragraph. NEVER use your entire article as the meta description. You can and will be penalized for this type of over optimization.

6.      Lastly, you want to link any keywords used in your article that can be directly linked to other pages on your website. The number of linked terms, or anchor text, varies depending on your article. You do not have to link an exact number of terms each time. However, to avoid penalization, never link more than 5 terms on one article. The linking should be natural and should make sense.

The keyword must be linked back to an article with a title that includes the entire, or a significant portion, of the keyword phrase. In other words, the article you are linking to must be about the keyword in your first article.

For example, if you mentioned Jackson Pollock in your article “The Attraction of Abstract Art Paintings,” you could link “Jackson Pollock” to a separate, existing page on your website titled “Jackson Pollock Biography.” Be sure to only link keywords. Avoid linking broad or irrelevant terms.

If you are just starting out, you may not have any articles to link back to. That’s OK. Not every article has to include anchor text, especially if you have to majorly manipulate an article in order to create a link. Remember, if it makes sense, do it. If it doesn’t make sense, nothing is better than something forced in this case.

And that’s it! You’re done! The more articles you create, the more familiarized you will become with the process. It takes a lot of work, time and thought to create good content so be sure to follow these steps with careful attention to details.


Class Notes: Links - What They are and How to Build Them ( 0 )

In order to understand the importance of building links correctly, we will review a brief history of how link-building has evolved.


When the internet first started, there was no Google.  There were old fashioned searches, stringing information along, etc.  Google came along and decided to make it more advanced and more complicated relationships between links grew. 


(What we used to do, but DO NOT DO IT NOW)


- If someone links to you, then that increases your credibility.  This makes sense: others demonstrate by linking to you that your content is note-worthy, and Google strives to provide relevant and important content. 

- Google then implemented an algorithm where only reciprocal links contributed towards ranking.  This was thought to encourage relevancy between content, but it did not work out that way.  That changed too- it is old technology.

- Then Google said that you have to link to places like you – this doesn’t work, because you are linking to competitors – but that changed too.


Internal Links can control Out-going Links

Remember, when you link to a website outside of your own, you are sending the strength, or authority, or your page away.  The more links you create to other sites, the more you declare that it is better to go look at those pages instead of yours. 

- This DOES NOT mean that you cannot link to anyone: often links to outside places are helpful to your customers.  What this DOES mean is that you need to take care in how you organize your own site, so that out-going links are contained.

- To contain outgoing links, consider the following organization: rather than building out-going links to other sites from direct content pages, instead have the links directed at a separate link page within your own site.  From this link page, you can have links that actually go out to other websites that you are referencing. 

- This puts the power-draining effect of out-going links on your link page alone, and not on the content pages that you are trying to rank. 

- DO NOT put the out link pages in your master navigation – keep them quarantined.

And don’t have all sorts of topic or article pages pointing to one out-link page: the more links that connect internally to a page within your site, the more important Google thinks that page is.  It is important that you only make one link internally to the out link page. (For example, a flooring client knows that he has a customer need for information to the manufacturer vendor info on his retail products.  So on his carpet page, for example, he can have ONE link to another page that has out links to the manufacturers – otherwise, he increases the importance and highlights the fact that he is sending people away from his site to other vendors…)

- You need to be careful when you set up internal links and topics – otherwise you are keyword stuffing within your own site, and you will get penalized by Google (decreasing your traffic).  You want your internal linking structure to be set up to support the site.  


Back Links

Now, there is greater value pointed at one way links back to your site, or back links.  That is because these links appear to be built naturally and legitimately. 

- Before April 27th, you could game the system by setting up extraneous links that somehow connected to your site, on whatever directory or website that you wanted.

- There was also an incentive to use link farms – and for one site to link to you endless times. 

- But it is way more credible to have 1000 people link to you once than to have one person link to you 1000 times.  And that distinction was made after April 27th, and it is relevant NOW – you only get one credit per site that links to you.  Now, within that framework, you will get more credibility from a higher site, like the Chronicle, then from a lower site, like a misc. mom blogging about you.


The best possible scenario for developing links is to write articles and content that will naturally attract users. 

- Consider what this is saying.  If you have a content page, or several, on your website, and it is so legitimately useful to your customers, or entertaining, that your customers will independently build links to you, then you have a real foundation of people who are referring you to others.

- However, if you are trying to optimize your site, you may also want to build links back to your own site.  This is much harder to do, because you have to basically go knocking on other website’s doors, and ask them to link to you.

- If you resort to building links, especially in blogs, then you need to make sure you participate in the conversation, and that you hyperlink the word back to a page on your site that is actually relevant to the discussion. 


The major point in linking is that you need to have all of your strategies point towards behavior that seems natural and organic.  [This includes anchor text!]


- Anchor text: the important thing to remember is that you need to diversify your link portfolio in anchor text: it cannot all be keywords.  Try to think that if hundreds of different people were actually linking to you, then there would be a great deal of variety – not every user that links to you is keyword savvy, and people will naturally use different wording to describe something.  So this means that you have to use some careful judgment to determine the balance you will use for creating anchor text.  There is no definite correct balance for keyword vs. non-keyword anchor text.


- You can use to search and determine your link portfolio, and see where you stand. 


There are tools for finding places to post links:


- – tells you what different areas that your topic can fit into for links.

- – this one you have to pay for, but it will allow you to find pages where links have been built off of keywords of your choice.

- You can go to your biggest competitor’s site, and then look at where their links are coming from (in  Use this as a springboard to develop your link-building plan.  This helps guide you to locations that you can likely build links to, as similar business models have paved the way.

- A great place to start is to build a link on the Better Business Bureau.


DO NOT BUY LINKS!!!  If Google catches your site with irrelevant links that have been purchased, then your website may be banned!!!


At the end of the day, understand that this is a marketing tool – you need to do right by your business, so you need to make sure that any links you build make sense to help someone find your site.  Do not practice “negative SEO” on other websites, or on your own!

Class Notes: So You've Got Traffic... Now What? ( 0 )

Once you have optimized your site, your sales should increase.  If you see that clicks and traffic to your website has increased, but there is not a proportionate increase in your sales, you need to examine your page and look for what is causing the problem – what is causing your customers to lose interest and leave before completing a purchase?

Optimizing the visual marketing aspects of your website requires attention to detail.  You need to be able to detach yourself from your business and look at it through the eyes of the end user, to better understand how your average customer would navigate your content.

- You only have approximately 10 seconds to grab and hold your customer’s attention before the end user loses focus and bounces back to Google to search for another option.  Bouncing back decreases your buying customers, and it is also monitored by Google.  If your site has an overwhelming bounce-back rate, it can be penalized by Google.

- Color can play a large role in directing someone’s attention.  Red causes a person to stop, and take notice.  Other colors, though bright, do not have the same pausing effect.  You can use this to your advantage by making your “Buy Now” buttons red.

- It is important to direct your customers towards sales with clear, direct commands.  “Buy Now” and “Click Here” are far more to the point that “If you like what you see, you can click here.

- When your site is ranking on a keyword, it is important to send the customer to a page that is relevant to that word (not necessarily to your home page).  Customers are not going to want to hunt and navigate through your website to find your product.  They need to land on the relevant page where it is clear how to buy the product.

- Make sure your company phone number big enough to be seen!  If you are directing the customers to a phone number for service, it is critical that the phone has a proper answering service that allows customers to know that they have reached the correct place.

- It is important to check that your content reads equally on different browsers.  This includes mobile pages.  Google doesn’t want you to re-design your page to serve different browsers – they want the people to get the same content – make sure to follow their mobile guidelines.


Successful sites are those that blend design with SEO components.  You can get increased traffic by SEO strategies on the ugliest website, but once customers get there, then they may leave right away if they can’t find what they want.

- Know your audience:  Learn where your sales come from, especially if you have both a brick and mortar store and an online presence – you may not want to include too much info about your physical store, if your website is driving sales: real estate on your website is more important towards online sales then.  It will be different for everyone, so this is something you have to evaluate specifically for your business.

- Evaluate your business, your customer base, and what will be appropriate for that audience.  If you are selling ware-house equipment, then there is not a high priority to spend hours developing a beautiful website.  However, if you are selling home renovations or cosmetic services, then your website needs to reflect a considered and sophisticated design sense.

The lesson is that increased sales growth does not come from SEO alone.  SEO is a critical tool in gaining increased online exposure, but you need to take the time to consider how customers will respond to your design.

Class Notes: Website Ownership: Responsible Online Management ( 0 )

Whether you are just beginning to create a website for your business, or you are changing your current website for optimization purposes, there are many choices that you must manage responsibly.  Ever-evolving updates by search engines such as Google complicate the decision making process.  If you understand the motivations and principles behind the search engine updates, then your ability to make relevant and informed decisions increases, along with the probable relevancy of your website.  This has been the most turbulent year of changes through Google updates.  The recent updates have changed the landscape of website ranking.  It is critical to stay on top of the changes that these updates have implemented.

Choosing a domain name:

- One of your first steps in building your website is to choose a domain name.    It is better to buy a .com, .org, or a .net, and to choose the older domain.  The older the domain, the more seniority it holds, which is viewed favorably in ranking variables.

- When choosing a site to purchase a domain from, use discretion.  It is critical that you understand the Terms of Agreement; otherwise you open the door to future vulnerabilities for yourself.  It is also better to search for domains that have a price attached.  If there is a domain offered without a price, often the owner may be “fishing for prices,” and could easily keep raising the price since nothing is established.

- It is ideal to choose a domain that is older, but not developed.  This ensures the limited existence of conflicting content: back links created for a different business model may distract from your current purpose.  It is most important to choose a domain that clearly relates to your business model, and if you are able to find an older one that is un-developed, go for it!


Selecting a Hosting Service

- After you have selected a domain, you need to choose a hosting company.  This is a ‘buyer-beware’ market.  You need to be careful and make sure that you clearly understand the rules and regulations of your agreement.  Unfortunately, some hosting companies utilize their regulations as money-making vehicles when a user is in violation.  Be careful, and read up.  Never give your username and password to your developer, unless you have a good sense of trust and agreement with them.  (Developers can change your domain into their name, which results in numerous complications.)

- When your hosting services are established, make sure to set up an email service on your domain.  Whenever you are using company email, you really need to use an account that comes from your own website.  If you use a free email service, such as gmail or yahoo, it appears unprofessional, or your message looks like spam.  If you set up an account with Google, you are willingly giving Google the ability to monitor and make decisions about your behavior. Using an email account associated with your domain denies access of your behavior to search engines.


Content: Development and Presentation

- Content is the most important component of ranking your website and that will probably never change.  What has changed is how you present that content.

- Title tags are the characters that appear at the top of the browser on your website.  It is the most important part of the page – it helps Google determine what you are.  KEEP IT UNDER 65 CHARACTERS.  Search engines penalize sites that are misusing the title tags.  Utilize this space as best you can, so that you get the most out of that real estate. 

- If your title tag is too long, then Google can re-set it for you: the system may rip your title tag off and replace it with what they determine is best for you.

- Anchor text: if you have too many links with the same anchor text pointing back to your website, then you will get penalized.  This gets really tricky, because search engines don’t give any real guidelines for the correct proportion.  So if you are building back-links, you now need to be careful about diversifying your anchor text, so that it looks more “natural”. 

- There should be a few back links that use keywords or monetizable terms, so the search engine knows what your site is about.  Be careful, and think about the “natural flow.” If many individuals were actually linking back to you they would produce different sayings.  This could include things like “View Site” or “this is a good site”, etc – anchor text that is showing an individual’s interest in your site.  Many organic back-links created from “different sources” would not be honing in on specific keywords.

- Link Detective – – this will allow you to see a link report on your site.

- Everything that Google is implementing/penalizing is attempting to reward “natural” behavior – and penalize manipulated behavior.  So, if you are clearly manipulating things to get your website to rank higher, you need to use a lot of skillful decision making to make your behavior look more natural.  Remember – Google’s objective is to provide the best quality information out there for the searcher. 

- Following these guidelines, and implementing them in your content, allows you to build your brand – it helps make you the expert in your industry, which increases your legitimacy when they come to buy. 

- Your customers are most interested in you solving their problems, or giving them the information they need.  Once the customer is there, and you have proven helpful to them, then they will want to buy from you.  This is a marketing tool for your business – a very powerful one if used correctly.  You want to work with the system in order to reach customers, but you do not want to game your customers – you want to offer legitimate products and INFORMATION that is QUALITY to them.


Responsibly Working with Google:

- Google has put out a list of standards: their own guidelines to building a high quality website.  Follow this link to view the guidelines:

- Your content must look legitimate and trustworthy – this should be easy when you are writing on your own subject matter.  But remember – the days of not checking your facts are OVER!

- When it comes to links, remember that the authority of the links matters.  That’s why you want to spend time trying to build links to things that look legitimate and relate to you – for example, a link from the Chronicle counts a lot more than a link from a random individual whose blog hardly relates to your business.

- If you are using Google Analytics, make sure you keep separate accounts under different Google accounts.  They may otherwise assume you’re an agency, and they will penalize you.  Everything needs to be kept separate, like you are only operating a single, individual business.  They are monitoring behavior, and they are separating out agencies vs. individual businesses.

- So, the moral is, when you have multiple businesses, and multiple sites, you need to make sure that everything is separated out: as if two different people owned them.  Even though you are a legitimate business owner, Google’s penalties don’t distinguish adequately between someone who owns multiple businesses and wants to simplify their overseeing vs. an agency.

Use these tips to start your own website or to enhance an existing website.

Colocation ( 0 )

Colocation is something that more small businesses are looking to when considering their web hosting options. It can give a small business the same security of having a large IT department at a fraction of the cost. Many individuals and small businesses do not have the room, access or money to have an IT department of significant size that will host the website and manage the servers. Colocation allows an individual or small business the ability to share a much larger bandwidth, like a larger company would have.

The business or individual can purchase their own server, take it to a physical location of the colocation provider, and they will place it with the other servers. There is also the ability to rent a server from most of those providers as well. Once it is installed, the customer is issued an IP, the server is powered, and it is given bandwidth. The facility will also provide and manage security devices and a reliable network.

There are many benefits to using such a facility. Even though the cost may be greater than using a traditional web hosting service, for most small businesses they find the benefits far outweigh the cost. The facility can offer multiple high speed connections through a variety of carriers. This helps prevent any downtime that may occur. There is a guarantee of power. The facility will typically use battery backup, as well as diesel powered generators. This is of particular importance in areas where there may be frequent power outages during certain months of the year. Once the servers are installed, the company can immediately be online and conducting business. When the company owns the equipment outright, it can easily add servers as the company grows or replace a server if the memory is too low or it is running slowly. Also, if the company needs to change geographic location, the server can stay on, eliminating little to any downtime to the company while it is in transition.

A key benefit to using a colocation facility is the fact that the equipment is monitored all the time by network engineers. In a sense, it is like having an IT team even if the business location is far from the server. Also, most facilities have ample security to protect all of the equipment. This may be electronic entrance access, onsite security officers or both. It will also provide a climate controlled environment for the equipment.

Some costs that are associated with using this service is the cost of the server, software and hardware maintenance, rent for monthly rack space, and the use of the bandwidth. Even though some of these costs cannot be avoided, businesses utilize them because of all the benefits that it offers.

For small businesses that want an ever increasing presence on the internet, colocation is probably the best way to go.  With the security of the facility housing the server and the staff that continually monitors any possible software failures to security breaches, this is the best IT service that a small business could ask for.

Content Marketing ( 1 )

Content Marketing solutions for many business owners can make the difference between launching a seemingly successful site that’s built in all the proper fashions, and maintaining a solid web presence with that identical website, only with some careful considerations and strategies applied. The term itself can either envelop a wide variety of services or be a type of umbrella term, and can be used to describe the direct information that’s generated in an effort to attract and engage customers from any distinct sector. All of this is to benefit the company in regards to further consumer acquisition and thus, greater profits.

The varieties of which come from many different walks of life, spanning both the viral spectrum of advertising campaigns, to routine copy, video or photo updates on a number of platforms. Content Marketing is utilized most commonly upon social networking websites and their respective widgets. Once the information has been created by the individual company, or the work has been completed by a third-party advertising service, it’s ready to be published online through a variety of ways. The social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to name a few, act as perfect medium in which information can be connected to a targeted audience.

The fluidity of this connection is seamless in today’s social networking numbers, with information becoming viral in a matter of days of its creation. Additionally, these social networking platforms are generally interconnected, in the sense that users typically hold accounts on many of them, further acting as a catalyst between the genesis of information and its spread throughout the net.

Content Marketing also rears its head in the way of the general search engines that are used by most internet users. Google, Bing and Yahoo are all ways in which information can be utilized by advertising agencies in an effort to further the awareness of a brand. This is also the sector in which SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, companies come into the mix by helping clients further enhance the ease in which their information is found. Further sites such as Pinterest and Yelp exist specifically to share information from one user to another, allowing additional functions for companies in particular to take advantage of.

All of this sharing and customer acquisition is held in the interest of the company creating the information, furthering their brand and in most cases, dramatically increasing sales. The Content Marketing Institute held a study in which over 90% of businesses that create information and services for consumers use some form of this type of advertising. The rise of this form of communication between the business and the customer likely exists because of the intrusive nature of alternative advertising schemes, such as outdated banner ads.

Content Marketing also benefits from the generational ebb and flow of users that utilize the internet on a routine basis and expect this type of information to be delivered to them. This group, known as the Millennium Generation, consists of the largest generational group on Earth. An Edelman Survey showed that 4 out of 5 members of this group expect consumer brands and products to deliver their information in an entertaining fashion, whether that be through social networks, games or blogs.

Customer Experience Management ( 1 )

Customer Experience Management, also known as CEM or CXM, is an increasingly popular way to navigate and expand a business’s consumer base. In a nutshell, Customer Experience Management looks at the total experience of the consumer on a business’s website. It looks at how the consumer views the homepage or storefront, how easy it is to navigate the website as a whole with different browsers, ease of contacting the company, brand recognition and purchasing steps. It also goes beyond this and also encompasses the likelihood that the consumer will return to the site, recommend the site, talk about it on social network mediums and their loyalty to the brand.

Understanding the consumer on this level has a lot less to do with technology, and much more to do with strategy. Companies are realizing that their consumer base is as broad as the World Wide Web, but it is the consumer’s attention that needs to be grabbed and held on to. There is immense competition on the internet. It takes strategic moves to get the consumers attention long enough to get them to click on the website, and browse around. If the website is not user friendly, suffers from ecommerce failures, or is not compatible with all browsers, the customer will get frustrated, leave, and most likely never return to that particular site.

Part of Customer Experience Management is controlling that environment. Making sure that all the technology, like the servers, are up to date and can handle the influx of consumers to a website if a popular promotion is announced. It is also measuring the relevancy of online offers to the consumer base, relevancy of content posted on the company’s webpage, and how engaging the site is. Utilizing social media is another factor, but this also entails measuring its effectiveness to online campaigns.

Another key part of Customer Experience Management is listening to the consumer. Receiving consumer feedback and using that information to tailor the consumers experience is part of the process. The company can use that information to create improved products or better service of their products. Then the revision is tracked to see if the improvements are driving more consumers to their site, and whether more products are being purchased. Those changes may also increase brand awareness as well as loyalty. All of the above equals to greater profits to the company.

Understanding the total customer experience and management of that information can increase a company’s relevancy to consumer searches, bringing them closer to the coveted top ranking in popular browsers. This is because by listening to what the consumer has to say about a company’s website or product and making appropriate changes increases the popularity of the site. If a website is easy to navigate on someone’s cell phone as much as it is on their home computer, they are more apt to return to that site. People share their bad and good experiences on social network sites each day. If the product is more consumer driven because the company has made improvements based off of valuable feedback, loyalty to both the product and the company will shine through. Because the online world is so vast, it is imperative to look at this information to increase a company’s consumer base.

Diversification of Back Links ( 0 )

Google & Link Diversification
Panda Update. The first thing Google/Panda did was to employ live human value raters to study thousands of websites.  Machine learning computers are then employed to emulate the human raters. A computer score that becomes satisfactory at predicting how humans scored is then applied by Google/Panda to millions of websites. Googles spider may be digital but it gets its behavior from live humans.

Some rumors are floating around that Panda will not penalize entire site is not true.  If a certain percentage of your pages fall below a certain quality level Google will punish the entire website.  Correcting a number of these pages might be enough to recover your sites ranking.

Things To Avoid

·         Pages that is void of useful, helpful or quality content.

·         Make sure unique content is located above the first fold of the page.

·         Pages that just have internal links to other pages and no original content. Try adding quality content to offending pages.

·         Not delivering a different topic on every page.

·         Creating many pages that are recycled using different versions of the same keywords or auto generated content (spinning programs) that produce a high bounce rate.

·         A page full of adds

·         Too many affiliate links

·         Creating pages or sites that are built for search engines,  not humans

·          Inbound links that are not diversified is the most important of all.

10 Strategies To Diversifying Back Links
1. Article Directories
Top Places to Submit Articles
• Top 50 Article Directory Ignore NF listings
• Paid article submission
• (RLLD Article)
• (RLLD Article)
•   (RLLD Page) You can post Video, Pics, Audio, Text.

Grab the RSS of each article directories for RSS submission.
Review Sites (RLLD Page) also create a business ID (RLLD Review Page) (RLLD Listing)  RLLD Listing (gives a lot of back links) (RLLD Review Page) (RLLD LIsting)  (RLLD Listing) can add 4 inner links (Rlld Review Page)
Grab the RSS of each review directories for RSS submission.
ArticleBase listing for Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Pole Packages. Click on social media buttons at top of page.
Yellow Pages Share  buttons are at top of page on right
3. Social Bookmarking Sites
Top Places to Submit Social Bookmarks
• sign up here to become an author semi automates the process. You just need to register all those sites and fill in your username and password.
4. RSS Feeds

Submit your Blog RSS, Web RSS and Article Directories RSS feeds to RSS feed Aggregators listed below. If you have a static html page, you can convert it to RSS format using
Example: Isnare Rss Feeds for rlld
• Top 50 Places To Submit RSS Feeds
• must sign up. RLLD Example RSS Feed
• has its own rss reader
5. Press Release
Write a press release and submit to press release sites. You can leave your full URL or links with your anchor text within your press release.
Top Places To Submit Press Releases
• Top 50 free press release sites
• (rlld press release) also toggles to rich text format
Choose the press release that accept anchored link instead of only the URL, to fully explode the power of press release. When your press release gets syndicated and so does your anchored link.
6. Whois & Stats Based Sites
You can submit your site to these stats based / Whois Sites to create a backlink.
Top Places To Submit Whois & Stat Based Sites
• (rlld backlink)
With Website Indexer Tool will mass submit your link, creating a back link, to over 100 different authority sites that are well ranked and liked by search engines. The tool finishes each link by pinging them, alerting Google and other major search engines to their existence.
7. Social Network
Post your links (content such as articles, your blog, etc...) to social network sites.
Top Places To Submit To Social Network
•  (click here for in depth FB info
•  Building a strong LinkedIn presence requires a lot more than creating an account. Optimizing your presence is not very hard but will take a lot of your time to set up and have your employees participate and get involved.

There are tons of sites like Facebook or twitter, just go to or to register some or all those account to help you to submit to tons of sites that you register at one setting.

Detailed Linkedin optimization Instructions Below:
Read detail LinkedIn company pages before creating profile and  check out this FAQ page
Create a LinkedIn Business Page with company email address like which will be confirmed and you must have a personal account already.
Start here when your ready to create your business page.
Get your employees to create a personal LinkedIn profile.
Have employees associate their LinkedIn profiles with your LinkedIn Business Page.
Instruct employees to edit and optimize their profiles by doing the following:
·         Click Profile at the top of your home page.
·         Click Edit next to your current position.
·         Click Change Company and type the full company name.
·         Click the correct company name in the dropdown list.
·         Click Update.
Have employees Optimize their own LinkedIn account by selecting “Settings” (hover over your profile name in upper right hand of window. Click edit your public profile on next screen click “make my public profile visible to everyone.
Click options labeled “The Headline, Summaries With Specialties, Additional Information/websites insert back link to your site
When new content is posted support your employees to share it with a link to the content via LinkedIn. Post only on LinkedIn not to other sites like facebook and twitter. This content will be shared by all employee contacts as well.
As you link to new content the word will get out and the search engines will start to take notice. When posting new content make certain that the content is useful and helpful enough to be spread virally.-
8. Document Sharing Sites
Submit all pages to the following document sharing site allow you to upload your documents in.pdf,.doc,.ppt format etc...You can leave your link in the description field. (link should point to original page posted on website for that keyword)
Top Places Of Document Sharing Sites
#1 – Scribd –  – Click here for RLLD Listing. is the world’s largest social online document sharing, writing and publishing website with more than 60 million readers every month.   If you are a webmaster or blog owner it is recommended as it could help to bring more visitors to your website and/or your blog.

#2 – Doc SToc –  – Docstoc is an amazing online document sharing platform where you can publish your documents for free.

Top 29 Document Sharing Sites 29
Put live links in the document itself so that people who are viewing the document can click through the link while they are reading the document.
9. Power Point Sites
Covert your existing articles to PowerPoint slides and submit each one to the sites listed below and put link in the description field so that you gain a back link.
Top Places to Submit Power Point Sites
SlideShare - (RLLD Example)  – Slideshare is a tool for marketing your website. Here is what you do: you open an account and then submit your presentations or tutorials. I even recommend making a simple presentation from the main points of an article you’ve written. Then, submit the document with proper and relevant links.

SlideBoom – (RLLD Example) free account allows uploading up to 100 power point type presentations. You can share presentations, audio, video and animations.

SlideRocket – Submit your slides free

280Slides –  –  Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world.  - View, Upload and Share PowerPoint Presentations - Share PowerPoint presentations on the web

For you to receive full potential on articles that you submit to the above power point directory sites make sure you put the link (anchor text if possible) in description field pointing to the page on our site that corresponds to the power point slide.
10. Top 40 Directory Sites, Most Are Free. Only Pay to be in their directory.

This free directory is a "must submit" and using thousands of volunteers to run it. The SEO and traffic rewards are incredible.


Fast approval; Well designed and a good listing.


B2B search engine and Popular site. You have a chance of getting on a high PR page but the odds are not good as some categories have over 1000 sites listed. Try to find a category that is not too crowded. Submission link confirmation required.


Fast approval. Well categorized with a nice layout.


search engine


A very plain looking website but it has relatively few listings on site. Dynamically created pages are indexed by MSN & Google.


Approval very fast, well organized and catetorized. Submission link confirmation required. Offering free and paid submission.


Very fast; Well categorized and listed alphabetically.You have to do a little extra work to categorize your listing but you can have it listed the way you want(subject to editing); Can't include the words such as we you ours etc in the Description.


Fast approval. Clear site and Submission link confirmation required(confirmation period within 5 days). Offering free submission.


Nice design with a good layout. Offering free, reciprocal and paid submission.


South African search engine and web directory. Offering free submission.


slow;(Directory inclusion - 4 months.) but well designed; B2B information directory. Length of the "Description" must be between 149-255 characters. And could not use free email such as hotmail,yahoo etc. free submission Temporarily Disable.


Very fast approval. Well organized.


Well categorized, Free to submit.


A clean site and well categorized. Fast approval.


1.very slow; engine;

Fast approval. well design and categorized. Free and general directory


Good catalogue, clean and easy to navigate. Fast approval. Offering free, reciprocal and paid listings.


Sites listed in a big category, free to submit.

Directory Name

very fast. India dir. Reciprocal link recommended.


Average approval; Family friendly web directory open only to PICS rated sites.


Approval slow(Approved within 1 to 2 months. Submission link confirmation required.


Have a excellent submission system. Submission link confirmation required.


Approval very fast, Well designed, clean and uncluttereded.Submission link confirmation required. Free submission.


New, and offering free submission.


new and instantly; free


1.average 2.well categorized .


new,well categorized; free and recip


1.very fast; engine; 3.A clean categorized , uncluttered.


fast(2 weeks)


Static; 2.nice design and fast interface


new, free + recip + paid($1.99 per month )


Fast; Well categorized and a clean site; Info relevant to UK users


Well designed. Registration required. Offering free and paid submissions.


a clean site(free + reciprocal + paid). The approval rate for free submissions is only 5%.


2 - 4 week site review; Only one category per top level domain is allowed ;Individual pages of a site or sub-domains are not accepted.


1.average 2.listed according Rank.


Very fast,English language sites only. all reciprocal links will be listed as FEATURED LISTINGS for 6 months for FREE.


Ecommerce ( 0 )
What is ecommerce?
“Electronic commerce,” “online store” or “online shopping cart” are the usual means of internet sales for a broad spectrum of industries. Retail stores, auctioneers, multimedia companies, and various business-to-business entities frequently use shopping carts for transactions. 
Online stores are rapidly gaining popularity because customers like the convenience of purchasing products or services instantly and having them delivered directly to them.  Online sales provide “niche market” products and services with a much larger target market.
What kind of website is necessary for an ecommerce site?
A shopping cart linked to an online business' website with details of products is essential for electronic sales. A shopping cart is a database driven operating system (series of interrelated programs) that facilitates online procurement, customer security, and customer tracking. 
Some companies opt to contract for an off-site shopping cart. However, SEO-wise, it is always better to have the shopping cart located on the same website as the rest of the site. Owning your own site saves you from shopping cart hosts that sometimes go out of business.
The most important feature of any online store is the ability to securely process online payments. Operating the cart on one’s own site using a compatible PCI compliant merchant account is typically easier to update, manage securely, and market online in the search engines.
How does a business guarantee security for ecommerce customers?
Security provides three benefits to both vendors and clients alike. First, it maintains confidentiality. Persons transacting through an online portal can rest assured that their payment card and personal information will not be stolen by identity thieves. It also protects the client list from competing entities who would attempt to steal customers from the online store. 
While keeping unauthorized persons out of the system, a secure and PCI compliant online store simultaneously facilitates and expedites authorized access. Company personnel can quickly retrieve orders, customer data, and customer service emails. Customers can quickly find and purchase what they are looking for without delays or complications.
Lastly, the shopping cart must ensure the integrity of the transaction by making sure that the customer pays no more than he or she is legitimately charged. Then, the vendor is responsible, of course, for ensuring the product or service is delivered according to the terms of the transaction. 
Where should a business buy ecommerce software?
A secure site that features all of the above benefits is not typically found in download sites. It is best to have it custom designed by a company that offers both web design and web marketing services. This organization should be PCI compliant, and many people prefer working with web site developers that also provide web hosting services as well. 
Won’t an ecommerce site market itself?
No. Search engines do not give special preference to online stores. The same Internet marketing methodologies used to rank other types of websites in the search engines must also be followed to rank shopping carts. The most effective method of doing this is to write informative content for consumers that is organically optimized according to current search engine standards.
Enterprise Solutions ( 1 )

In addition to turnkey web design centered on search engine optimization, SEO411 provides you with all enterprise solutions. 

We provide you with everything you need to rise to a position of true power and dominance in your unique vertical marketplace.  Our data centers have plenty of room, and even more options, to maintain reliable, productive process flow. 

Co-location makes very enterprise solutions possible for even the smallest of local businesses.  You do not have to house any hardware in your own office. 

You can trust our equipment to provide you with everything you need for affordable web hosting, website development, Internet marketing, and website security.  We even develop proprietary content management software engineered with search market dominance foremost in mind. 

One of the first things you receive as a SEO411 client is a managed server dedicated to your website and your website alone.   

Once you are setup on your own managed server, we maintain your initiatives with daily activity dedicated to the operation of your online marketing initiatives.  Enterprise solutions include the hosting, technical support, maintenance, and the daily publication of content on your behalf.   

Our client websites are protected by multiple layers of security.

Our data center runs a variety of scanning programs to detect and destroy obtrusive agents such as Trojans, worms, and server crashers.  Firewalls protect the integrity of your data and company secrets.  Intrusion prevention monitors any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of our managed servers.   

A variety of sophisticated tools and monitoring systems, which we obviously are not going to talk about online, are used to detect and track down spammers and hackers when they are foolish enough to attempt an invasion. 

Still another vital aspect of our enterprise solutions is PCI compliance for E-Commerce clients.

Many of the clients with whom we have the longest consulting history are product sales organizations.  These companies depend on e-commerce for revenue streams.  Because of this, they depend on us to ensure that all credit card information sent to their websites meets with full PCI criteria.   

We follow all security protocols called for by card issuing companies and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  We also conduct audits, regular scans, and yearly assessments. 

Agreements of 99.99 SLA are standard between SEO411 and all of our many clients.

We keep servers up and running because so many of our clients are transacting 24/7.  As we have already noted, many business for whom we work are product sales organizations that ship all over the United States.  Some ship worldwide.  As a result, they simply cannot afford any downtime because they never know when the next transaction is going to come in over the wire. 

That is why SEO411 tells the truth when we say 99.99 SLA.  It simply has to be this way because of the absolute necessity that so many of our clients have to maintain a consistent exposure to their target market.   

The long-term relationships we have consistently maintained over the years are testimonials to the effectiveness of our enterprise solutions.

Google Panda/Farmer Update ( 0 )

Googles New Update Panda/Farmer Penalizes Arbitrager/Scraper Bot Type Websites.

What Determines A Not Useful Article?

  • Skinny content – not sufficient overall content on the page (800 total words on page is optimal).
  • Optimized content has a very high word density ratio. (Less Than 1%)
  • Having more ads than content.
  • Content that was copied from another site.
  • Poorly written content i.e. gibberish and fluff.
  • Content that is by and large not “useful”.

What Determines A Helpful Article?

  • It will pass a human examination.
  • It is not ad heavy.
  • It is well linked externally (links from quality sites).
  • A page of content is not a copy of another document.
  • It is typically created by a brand which has a distribution channel external of the search engines. Example: Twitter & Facebook.
  • Does not have a high bounce rate followed by a click on the very next search result for that same search inquiry.

What Can You Do Improve Your Standing?

  • Readdress your ad-to-content ratio. Trim down number of ads or low quality pages while increasing number of well written articles with quality information. Poor quality pages have a harmful effect on your entire website or sub-domain.
  • Get involved in social media. It will help you be perceived as a brand that interacts with customers outside of search.


Example Rankings From Facebook Listings From Last Class

Santa Ana Ca Tennis Court Lighting <>

Middle East Tennis Court Lighting <>

Tennis Court Lighting Japan <>


Taking A Close Look At Twitter

Recorded Facebook Class: <>  
Google is indexing twitter pages now that no-follow tags have been removed. The maximum number of words has been lifted and now entire articles can be submitted. Type in “snowmobile ramps” into twitters internal search engine result is a entire article that has a static URL created by <>  generated url which reduces the size of the url to be syndicated and redirected by a search engine friendly 301 permanent redirect. Even individual tweets have started appearing within Google search results. Twitter is a fast and very efficient way to generate back links to your website.

Example Of Twitter Page Ranking In Google
Discount Ramps <>

Sign Up For A Twitter Account <>
Twitter Offers Feed Submittal Service Twitter Feeds
What Is <>
Join <>
On twitter home page click on networks <> button at top of page to see feed options
URL shortening helps marketing by inserting more back-links when submitting to article directories. Example <>  of about the author window.
When you paste a URL into your status box, Hellotxt will automatically create a shortened link for your social network profiles and services once you hit send. The character counter displays your word count based on the shortened URL. I want to use another link shortening service No problem, by inserting (*) before the URL you are sharing, you can send a full length URL, or a shortened version from another service, such as <>
Get Your API Key Here: <>
Click enable this application that will generate api user key.
Sing Up With twitter feeds <>
Click on Networks on home page to add your feed automatically to dozens of social media networks. Link below shows where rss or xml feed was posted from ie.. twitterfeed. Hellotext <>
Link Your Facebook Page To Your Twitter Account
You can now export your Facebook Page updates to Twitter. Click here <>  to enable this feature.

Internet Marketing ( 22 )

In this increasingly competitive society, we are fully aware that clients need more than a single tool of success to succeed.  Internet marketing offers us the unique opportunity to create custom packages of market penetration that rely upon one set of tools to accomplish the task.   

Our Internet marketing campaigns are both multidimensional and long-term in nature.  Careful planning, attentive listening, and ongoing, interactive consultation enable us to represent you intelligently to the world.  This solidifies your position in the market place and expands your market base over time. 

Unique, ongoing content writing is the foundation of all Internet marketing campaigns.

The articles we publish on your website educate your readers in the true value you offer to people like themselves.  Unique content inspires genuine interest within the mind of the reader, and it motivates a dialogue with a strong call to action. 

Our copywriters waste no time on ambiguity, nor do they ever hide behind vaguaries.  Once we get to know what you do for your marketplace, we plainly spell out the benefits to all that find your site.  This gives prospective clients, before they ever call you, a confident assurance that you can deliver value to their doorstep. 

Organic Listings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the backbone of all Internet marketing initiatives by SEO411.  Without it, a website cannot maintain its position in the marketplace.  Proper utilization of keyword density, along with targeted copywriting that spells out your clear market value, are the forces that drive the momentum of your entire Internet marketing initiative. 

Social networking to consolidate and expand your customer base

The first rule of marketing is to protect your existing customer base.  The second rule of marketing is to expand that base from within. 

 Social networking services by SEO411 offers strategically works in tandem with website design.  Our purpose is to create a unified presentation of your true face to the world through social media, website design, articles, blogs, and article directory marketing. 

Blog writing to diversify and strengthen search marketing results

We believe that a blog is more than a passing thought passed on to readers in a moment of haste.  There are almost two dozen types of blogs recognized by Internet marketing companies.  These blog categories allow you to publish your values in the form of how-to’s, FAQ’s, profiles, interviews, and much, much more. 

Blogs are an integral part of our copywriting services and feature a level of vocabulary that is warm, inviting, and personable to your client base.   

Carefully chosen, highly selective, and very wise investments in pay per clicks

While we do not recommend relying on pay per click advertising, we do not deny its value in many cases, either.  In competitive situations, helping gaining you the competitive advantage is our primary task at hand.  The benefit of working with our Internet marketing team lies in our ability to find you the most relevant search terms specific to your business offerings.   

Knowing what to invest in, and when, is much like buying stocks.  You need the help of a broker to make the best buying decisions, and to be confident in getting maximum return on investment.

Internet Marketing Service ( 15 )

Part of succeeding with an online audience is ensuring the proper internet marketing service is the foundation of the potential or existing website. While many companies will try and do the entire process alone or in house, most companies that succeed will turn to a professional company capable of providing the outsourced tasks. There are tips that can help anyone with a successful campaign whether just starting out or wanting to update a current campaign.

How does an internet marketing service provide such services? What is the process?

First, the company clearly defines objectives. There is a lot that goes into making a plan of action, but a reputable company knows what needs to be added to ensure success. Some websites need brand recognition, and other companies need to educate the public. A clearly defined plan of action is the first step to generating visitors online. To get that clearly defined plan a company will work with the website owner to ensure everyone is on the same page making changes as deemed necessary.

Another important part of the process is to make room for expansion. If the campaign is successful, there will be a need for planning for that success. Not only should the webhosting plan be explored, but the changes to the original plan of action should be foreseen allowing for the expansion in that plan.

Another important part of internet marketing service is the exploration of competitors. Competitors got to the top because the competition has a successful campaign going on. Getting to the top never happens purely by chance. Top ranking takes hard work and dedication. By exploring the competition, the company can get a better idea of how to market to the target audience. See what keywords the competition targeted, and then decide how the website can offer something unique to the industry. Copying the competition will not work. The content and methods utilized must be unique to be effective.

Include an outstanding SEO and SEM campaign. Optimization of every page on the website is the first step to ensuring success. Next, the marketing campaign must be precisely designed to work with the strengths of the website providing both unique content and aesthetically pleasing imagery. SEO and SEM are not easy and take years to master. Hiring a company helps ensure greater chances of success.

Finally, it is vital to know that this is an ongoing process. Stopping a campaign at any time will quickly become evident through visitors and sales. An internet marketing service is capable of providing a continuous supply of fresh content that attracts the visitors and search engines. Appealing to an online audience means providing unique content that is specifically formatted to ensure best results.

There are numerous reasons why hiring a professional internet marketing service is important to the success of a website. However, the company can get started at any time promoting and optimizing a website. The best results are experienced throughout the life of the changing campaign allowing the website to experience a steady flow of traffic that can easily convert to sales. Getting started today helps a website start seeing the progress sooner rather than later.

IT Services ( 0 )

For any business small or large, the enlistment of IT Services professionals is imperative for the ongoing success of any company with a technologic presence of any kind. Information Technology spans a wide range of utilities, from maintaining complex networks to the upkeep of a single site. A single site however can be a complicated matter, and something usually relegated to a professional in regards to the consistent web mastering and troubleshooting that will occur throughout its lifetime. Keeping the site’s downtime as minimal as possible while keeping the web presence updated and bug-free is just a couple of the reasons many business owners look for this sort of help.

While most business owners are fully capable of running their respective company in almost every capacity, a lot are generally not as tech savvy as IT Services professionals. It’s not always the concern for how the website works, but more often that it simply maintains itself with the aid of a skilled professional. A lot of packages available to business owners can accommodate both the small and large business alike, while many utilize remote tools to fix the majority of technical-related problems from afar. Otherwise, skilled technicians are also available to maintain corporate devices and computer networks.

When it comes IT Services, it can refer to a number of things that help a company’s site and overall web presence develop. A common reason many business owners hire one of these types of professionals is for the added security that a technician can bring to a website. This can include physically supplying the customer with upgraded hardware and more secure routers and firewalls, or simply providing a means of backup in the event that the site loses connection, protecting data that may otherwise be lost in the process. Even high-quality anti-virus software can be supplied by a reputable professional, adding an extra layer of protection to not only the company’s site, but the infrastructure as well.

The core of the operation will most likely be held through the networking and traffic stability servers that IT Services can install and maintain. These hardware additions bring a greater integrity and reliability to any singular network or series of networks through a variety of workstations or UPS’s. Tweaking the network in an effort to accomplish optimal traffic and load times is another important aspect of maintaining a high-caliber website, especially if it’s of the e-commerce variety. This is a type of website that utilizes shopping carts and other widgets and usually takes a bit more on the backend to keep fully operational.

One of the best facets of using IT Services is the availability. Today, with the exception of manually installed hardware components, these technical professionals can remotely assuage any bugs or quirks with installed networks or the site itself. Usually, teams of professionals work around the clock in the event that any server downtime occurs during off hours. Of all else, these professionals also seek to teach the business and its employees on the efforts of maintaining stability, further reducing company costs and managing the day-to-day workflow.

IT Support ( 0 )

IT support is an open-ended concept that can mean a number of things. Technical experts can simplify or even automate many things for a business. This may include streamlining internal processes to help make the company more efficient, or it may mean shoring up the website and improving its online presence. This last task is especially important, as a company’s website often makes the first impression and must always be functioning correctly.

While a business owner may be able to handle the operations of his or her company, IT support is highly recommended to get a site launched and maintained properly. Professionals in this field can set up an operation with a site that has a content management system, so that those who are less technically savvy can make alterations and updates to the site. These days, there are a lot of experts out there that can build an online presence for someone, but getting it up and running is not the end.
It also needs to be hosted somewhere and it needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis. A technical help department tailored for online assistance will be able to house all of the site’s data on protected servers that are well kept. These servers are regularly backed up, so there is no risk of losing everything suddenly. This is generally preferable to keeping everything onsite, because this can result in permanent data loss in the event of server failure.

Webmasters are an integral part of any IT support group, as these are the people that can shape a site to the client’s will. They have access to the back end, and can make changes to any graphics or type on the site. A responsive and knowledgeable webmaster will keep downtime on the site to a minimum, and will be able to troubleshoot effectively if something goes wrong. Servers go down, functions in the code interact poorly and a business will occasionally need to change its services. A webmaster, with help from a web developer, will be able to overcome all of these obstacles.

Perhaps the most important service that an IT support group can offer is network consulting. This is usually the first step in setting up the proper infrastructure for the business, though it also a good idea when a company has technological bottlenecks that reduce profitability. An expert consultant will review all of the equipment that’s being used and the network settings, and determine what is obsolete and what is poorly configured. Usually, a consultant can find multiple things that need to be changed to bring everything up to par.

Once this has been nailed down, the department can locate the best network equipment for the operation. A business owner can expect big gains in profitability once this is completed. In addition, this will lock the network down with tighter security and prevent lost or stolen data. This is extremely critical, because a company that is compromised may hand over its customers’ financial and personal information to criminals unwillingly. Not only would this result in major headaches for clients, it will destroy a business’s reputation and possibly force them to pay fines. This makes an IT support group an essential part of any successful operation.

Local Search ( 4 )

When obtaining the services of an SEO firm, geographic specific advertising and marketing, such as what is found with a state or local search, are often more affordable. Keywords and key phrases are an important part of online marketing and advertising, and competition has greatly increased the audience of potential customers. That competition for placement has increased the price for successful advertising and marketing.

How can a company compete utilizing the knowledge of local search capabilities?

Sometimes, a worldwide or countrywide advertising and marketing campaign is necessary because of the products or services offered to visitors. But there are times when something more geographically constrained is all that is needed for the business. For instance, a café downtown would probably not benefit from targeting people in China or England. Whereas, a major chain of restaurants would need a larger target audience base, depending on regions in which those storefronts were located.

Why is targeting the local search engines more affordable than targeting the worldwide audience? What is an example of how targeting specific areas can work for the business? Are there other ways to generate traffic utilizing geographical constraint?

Targeted traffic is essential to the success of a website. By targeting the people immediately close to the business, the business is not only getting targeted traffic that is appropriate, but the business is not paying for the competition. It is easier to compete when the area of competition is geographically constrained.

For instance, a downtown café may use a key phrase such as “Mexican food in Katy Texas”.  A quick look on Google shows that there are few results, meaning that the desired location is more likely to be found, and to be found quickly. The key phrase “Mexican food in Texas”, however, shows quite a bit more results. Further, the key phrase “Mexican food” returns thousands upon thousands of results. The more precise the location, the less competition there is for the keywords, which means lower prices for the business.

Of course, the lower prices are not solely for the engines. Another good example of how constraining the potential target audience saves money is evident when it comes to social media marketing and advertising. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace all sell marketing and advertising space. The business wanting to advertise will find that the more constrained the target audience, the less it costs to advertise with those social media websites.

Additionally, a positive note for ensuring constraint on the potential audience is that it means the visitors to the website are extremely targeted, increasing the percentage of people purchasing the products or services. A local search is more likely to get the results sought by the business, because the business is not simply luring in as many visitors as possible, hoping someone will make a purchase.

SEO firms understand the ins and outs of generating traffic for an online business. The price and effectiveness often depends on generating targeted traffic. A local search of businesses is going to provide lower rates when it comes to marketing and advertising, because of the competition level of placement keywords and key phrases. Hiring a reputable SEO firm will better guarantee a successful campaign.

Managed Services ( 0 )

In today’s technological climate, businesses that cling to the old way of handling data are putting themselves at risk, and those that know how to find effective managed services are ahead of the curve. This concept is most prevalent in the IT industry, where expert departments handle most everything that requires some technical savvy, from networking to hosting to troubleshooting. These departments can act like a functioning wing of the business, and can eliminate the need for an onsite IT crew. This can save thousands of dollars in the long run, making it an attractive option for those businesses looking to take that next step.

Before any company decides to acquire managed services, they should have a network consulting session with the IT group. During this consultation, the experts can figure out what the weak spots are in the infrastructure and figure out solutions to get around them. Security holes and networking inefficiencies can be eliminated this way, and the best equipment and settings will be set up to drive the business toward growth.

Common managed services are data storage, backup, and recovery in the event of a disaster. It’s not uncommon for equipment failure or server problems to eliminate swaths of data, some of which may be essential to the daily functioning of the company. Because the IT provider keeps all of the data in their offices, this means that one of the most important parts of the operation is secured off site. Should catastrophic equipment or server failure result in the loss of data, these professionals can spin up the servers and restore everything that was lost. This provides a safety net in the event of severe storms or break-ins resulting in the physical destruction of data storage.

This isn’t the only reason why data backup and storage is preferable off site. Companies that offer managed services will typically be able to afford much more sophisticated server banks than a small or medium sized operation could handle. This means faster data transfer and greater server stability, both essential elements in maintaining productivity.

These experts are often more accessible than standard IT departments, and most are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can monitor the backend of the company, ensuring that they catch any problems in the network well before anyone notices them. Providers of managed services can also set up and provide a business with a virtual e-mail server. In addition, they can monitor user activity on their end, making sure that no one is accessing the network improperly.

Most professionals can access any device connected to the network remotely, and because they are intimately familiar with the technical infrastructure and the network’s settings, they can filter out the small issues that ding productivity every day. They often also have security experts that can do anything from loading up devices with effective anti-malwares to partitioning and defending sensitive data like credit card information or personal customer data.

Finally, these service providers can scale with a company, which makes them perfect for small and medium sized operations that are looking to grow in the near future.

Media ( 4 )

SEO411 is often asked to appear as experts on Interent Marketing and Social Media topics:
To see our latest appearances, please check back here often.

Fox 26 News - 01/07/2015
Beth Guide, SEO411 - Sling TV changing the way you watch TV

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

Fox 26 News - 05/15/2013

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

Past Class Notes ( 8 )
PCI Compliance ( 0 )
The term “PCI compliance” refers to observance of the standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Council. This organization was created in 2006 on September 7 with the intention of providing security for online or e-commerce credit card and debit card payments. These standards are developed by various card providers working together, such as MC, Amex, Visa, and Discover. This independent security standards commission manages and administers the standards on behalf of these major electronic payment processing brands. Enforcement of these regulations is handled directly by the payment card companies, not by the council. 
PCI compliance consists of 12 basic standards that ensure data protection. 
    A secure network architecture:
a)  Uses a firewall to protect the data
b)  Avoids using default passwords
    Cardholder data security
a)  Protects information stored on the network
b)  Uses encryption to transmit information over public data networks
    Maintaining programs that manage vulnerability
a)  With up to date antivirus software
b)  With secure network and computer systems applications
    Control access to information stored on systems
a)  Cardholder information maintained on a need to know basis
b)  Each computer user assigned a unique ID
c)  Limited physical access to cardholder information
    Consistent monitoring of networks, including testing networks
a)  Track access to data
b)  Routinely test security processes and systems
    Implement a policy with written guidelines to ensure secure information
Every business directly paid online by its customers with credit card transactions or debit card transactions should be PCI compliant. Businesses who observe these standards not only gain greater customer confidence, but they also develop more secure computer systems and I.T. networks. Because these standards have to be followed on a continuous basis, it is less likely that the network or the information stored on the network will suffer a security breach that results in identity theft of customer data. 
Writing a security policy is much easier if a business uses these standards as guidelines for its overall security. Most organizations who take the time to maintain PCI compliance end up with more efficient data networks as the result of their ongoing observance of standards.   
Ignoring these will increase the likelihood of a breach. If and when this happens, the data breach will have a number of negative impacts ranging from lawsuits, claims to insurance companies, customer cancellations, fines levied by the payment card company, and fines from the government. 
However, this security management does not have to be done in house—it can be outsourced. There are many third-party payment processing companies that strictly follow these standards. Partnering with one of these entities will protect data security and integrity and alleviate the burden of a business having to hire a staff to maintain network security.
Examples of such third-party providers include following: ISOs, which stands for independent sales organizations, transaction processing companies, payment processing gateways, MSSPs, which stands for managed security systems providers, many third party marketing companies, and POS maintenance companies. 
Companies who only process credit cards and debit cards online can rely upon their e-commerce provider for PCI compliance.
Penguin Update ( 0 )

To start disceting Penguin:

Reputation Management ( 6 )

Reputation management services by SEO411 protects you from the inevitable criticism of those who are envious and malicious.  We live in a world where certain individuals attempt to make themselves look better by making you look bad.  Such tactics have always been common, but they have become increasingly prevalent in this civilization ruled by the Internet. 

Online Reputation management uses the truth to overcome any negative statements about you that may appear on the front page of Google and Bing.  Forget about the possibility that something negative about you may be based upon a mistake you made.  Mistakes do not detract from the core truth of who you are.  Mistakes do not diminish one iota the value you deliver to your clients.  We are not here to put mistakes on trial and determine guilt or innocence.  Rather, we are here to promote your value production to such an extent that the negative reviews are pushed down in the search rankings.  In their place, a new vision of the results you produce emerges in the mind of the reader. After this step we recommend that preventative maintenance of your reputation be an ongoing task to prevent future issues.

 In its simplest form,  online reputation management creates URL domination on the front page.  URL domination means that every listing that pertains to your organization points to a URL managed on your behalf by SEO411.  This domination is achieved by making a number of strategic moves to counter any negative commentary that may be floating your way in cyberspace.

The most straightforward method of achieving this is to purchase multiple URL’s that reference your company name or something that your company offers.  This essentially amounts to a form of brand positioning, with who you are and what you do being placed at the top of the search results every time a key phrase related to your organization, your offerings, or your particular industry is typed into a search engine.

Another tool a reputation management  service will use is the strategic application of content.  Domain names in and of themselves are empty containers that must be filled with intelligent content that itemizes the results that people can expect from doing business with you.  People want to save time, which in turn saves them money, which in turn makes them money.

Clear expression of what you have done and continue to do along all of these three lines is published in the form of feature articles, business blogs, testimonials, and press releases.  Each of these media requires the ongoing publication of content to maintain brand positioning.  Equally important are the facts that each piece of content communicate to the world.  Most slander and criticism you may receive is emotionally charged drivel published in the form of some kind of rant.  Compare that to a matter of fact itemization of benefits, and like the old saying goes, your reputation will once more speak for itself.

To ensure that reputation management delivers results according to your expectations, we strictly monitor everything from web traffic to your many URL’s, blogs, social media sites, and any feedback with which readers respond.  Proper online reputation management services keep a finger on the pulse of your marketplace, and it sees to it that your position in that marketplace remains in the Alpha position of dominance no matter what smaller beast creeps up your name in a vain attempt to take you down.

Search Engine Optimization ( 22 )

Search engine optimization is the heart of what we do for each and every one of our clients.

Our clients benefit from organic listings that maintain consistently high positions in Google and Bing.  This is due to the ongoing efforts of copywriting staff that consistently work to develop a robust presentation of content across the board.   

Key phrases are carefully researched that pertain directly to what you offer as an organization. 

A variety of written tools is then developed around each key phrase that makes an intelligent presentation of facts and values to those who find your site. 

Over time, constant writing based on these search engine optimization methods results in a saturation of terms across the spectrum of your value production. 

Pages from your site, describing what you do from many points of view, populate the rankings.  People begin to see you everywhere, and they will read what they see when they find it. 

Such market exposure gives you an intelligent advantage over competitors who take SEO shortcuts. 

While some people believe that a few brief pages is all they need to get their point across, our clients soon realize that marketing is more than making a point.  It is consistently discussing actions and results in a tangible ways that people can grasp.   

With concrete information, people who read the material on your website are more likely to be motivated to trust you and invest in your services. 

The reason for that is simple.  You are the one company, standing out in the crowd, who explains in plain terms exactly what they can expect for their money. 

Search engine optimized content is developed in many forms on your site. 

The most important pieces we create for you are articles that explain in detail what prospective clients can expect from working with you.  Articles are targeted toward search terms that are researched and determined to bring the greatest possible exposure on a given topic.    

By targeting the many key phrases that pertain most to your company offerings, we create the equivalent of a net to bring in as many unique visitors to your website as possible. 

This gathering effect is further reinforced by other forms of content that are added to your site on a daily basis. 

Blogs are always included in our search engine marketing plans. 

Blogs offer a short, condensed presentation of your value in very readable forms that can be varied in length, style, and level of conversational speech.  Blogs improve search engine optimization by creating a more robust content offering that gives the search engines—and the mind of the reader—so much more to grab on to. 

Article publication services are also a very necessary component of our search engine marketing initiatives. 

This drives additional market penetration and creates back links pointing to your site from all over the Web.  Reciprocal links are also pursued with other companies, when appropriate, to help generate even more links and to offer you the opportunity for referral partnerships such link sharing creates. 

As your relationship with SEO411 grows, systemic application of all of these search engine optimization tools takes your website into an entirely new domain of Internet marketing

Dialogue, social networking, community management, and client empathy become the very essence of your new revenue streams.

Seminars & Classes ( 8 )

Upcoming Digital Marketing and SEO Training Seminars and Classes -

Sign up for email reminders of upcoming classes:
Text 66866 and use the code SEOCLASS

Internet Marketing Clinic is one of the longest running workshops at the UH SBDC. Startedin 2003 this on-going, clinic type format, brings current issues to the table and allows you to receive updates as they occur in the online world. The clinic is offered twice monthly and topics vary from session to session. To stay current with the fast changing technology we encourage you to attend often. Everyone is welcome to participate, those new to the online world as well as the seasoned pro.


Presenter: Beth Guide, Owner,

Please Note: Satisfactory meeting room temperatures are difficult to maintain. Always bring a sweater or jacket to ensure comfort. No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the workshop.


ACTWD offers a wide variety of SEO classes in the Houston Area:

February 2017

Wed., 02/8/2017

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: The Forum at Memorial Woods
ADDRESS: 777 North Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77024

Internet Marketing Clinic - 
TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: U of H Small Business Development Center

Wed., 02/22/17

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: Houston West Chamber of Commerce
ADDRESS: 10370 Richmond Ave, Ste 890, Houston, TX 77042

Topic: Paid Search (SEM)

Internet Marketing Clinic

TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: Small Business Center
ADDRESS: Cancelled 

 March 2017

Wed., 03/08/2017 -

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: The Forum at Memorial Woods
ADDRESS: 777 North Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77024
Topic TBA

Internet Marketing Clinic
TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: U of H Small Business Development Center
ADDRESS: Please check back for date and time

Wed., 03/22/2017

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: Houston West Chamber of Commerce
ADDRESS: 10370 Richmond Ave, Ste 890, Houston, TX 77042

Topic: TBA

Internet Marketing Clinic - 

TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: Small Business Center
ADDRESS: Check back for more information

April 2017


Wed., 04/12/2017

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: The Forum at Memorial Woods
ADDRESS: 777 North Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77024

Internet Marketing Clinic - 
TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: U of H Small Business Development Center
ADDRESS: Please check back for date and time

Tuesday 04/18/2016

Getting Started with SEO

Time: 9:30-12:30
SPONSOR/LOCATION: U of H Small Business Development Center
COST: see website for details

Wed., 04/26/2016

TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: Houston West Chamber of Commerce
ADDRESS: 10370 Richmond Ave, Ste 890, Houston, TX 77042

Topic: TBA

Internet Marketing Clinic

TIME: 7p-9p
SPONSOR/LOCATION: Small Business Center
ADDRESS: 2302 Fannin

May 2017


TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: The Forum at Memorial Woods
ADDRESS: 777 North Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77024


Beyond Basic SEO

Time: 1o:00-1:00pm
SPONSOR/LOCATION: U of H Small Business Development Center
COST: see website for details



TIME: 11a-1p
LOCATION: Houston West Chamber of Commerce
ADDRESS: 10370 Richmond Ave, Ste 890, Houston, TX 77042


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Share Chicklets

A way to share content rich articles, blogs,  pdf documents, power point presentations or other rich media content with other networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

Add This (best used with internet explorer)

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Is Naming Your Images Correctly Important?

Do a search on google for retro gooseneck lighting. Notice the number four listing is a yelp page (no listing for rlld) of a exterior gooseneck lighting picture. Try sports lighting systems or residential accent lighting kit. Even if images does not rank in the top thirty you still get a backlink for every picture.




Google Plus is now open to the public. No sign-up required. Just go to and join the party.

Google has nine new features for Google Plus.

Hangouts - the video chat feature - have come to mobile, currently supporting Android 2.3+ devices, and iOS support is "coming soon." Hangouts also now have an "On Air" feature, which allows any Google Plus user to tune in and watch. Furthermore, Hangouts now offer screensharing, a shared sketchpad, and names for Hangouts. But perhaps the killer app is Google Docs in Hangouts, which will open up the possibility of live collaborative work (especially once Google Apps accounts get access).

3. Finally, the update also adds native search to Google Plus, which turns up Google Plus content as well as stuff from around the Web for easy sharing. This is another avenue for creating traffic and back links.


Social Media Marketing ( 4 )

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is anticipated to become the primary channel of public relations, marketing, and new sales.Investment in this resource is top priority for any organization that wishes to achieve Alpha preeminence in its respective vertical market. By bolstering your company image and creating dialogue with your client base, we help you protect that client base from encroachment by your competitors. Meanwhile, the ongoing community management that allows two-way conversations between your organization and those it serves helps new business through referrals. 

SEO411 offers social media marketing with the intent of lead generation through increased public awareness of your value productionJust as your website and blog enumerate your offerings to your client base, so do various social media services offer you increased exposure to your marketplace.SEO411 offers you the complete repertoire of social media services currently proven to generate prosperity for organizations of all types and sizes. 

A Facebook account will create an image for you that functions as your public relations platform to clients and new prospects. Image matters here just like it did in the days before the Internet.  With Facebook, our social media consultants will generate a face to the world that will put you in the best possible light with those who do business with you.  New prospects will be impressed with the presentation, dialogue, and feedback your account generates from friends and fans. 

A Linked-In account will showcase the credentials of your executive team. People need to know who they are doing business with, and what qualifies them as the best possible vendor.  Linked-In is an invaluable Social Media Marketing tool to this end.  Your team’s resumes and accomplishments will be enumerated and updated when appropriate. 

A Twitter account will keep your clients informed of your latest activities so they will not miss a step in the transaction cycle. Letting people know when you offer specials, sales, new product launches, and referral incentives is vital to recession proofing your business.  Twitter is that one social medial marketing tool that allows for instant communiqués of all of the above. 

A social media consultant will be assigned as your personal liaison to your marketplace. As much as companies now know about how vital social media marketing is to their success, few have time to pursue it in-house.  SEO411 offers you a personal consultant to manage all social media services for you so that your hands remain free at all times for value production. 

Social media management will be ongoing, up-to-date, and pertinent to your marketing campaign. Maintaining your company image and keeping your clients up to date about your service offerings has one and only one goal in mind—lead generation.  Unlike many who seek to create a feel-good sensibility, our social media marketing initiative bear down hard on the one thing that matters—revenue generation independent of the problematic vicissitudes of the economy at large. 

Our clients can count on results because our social media consultants listen to them and express the most important things that clearly communicate a superior level of value that is sure to attract new clients and produce new sales.

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Update On Social Sharing & Retargeting Search Results

Here is the Stats For ShareThis. You have to be logged in

Link Diversity Using Review Sites

Copy and paste this into your browsers url window 8&rlz=1T4GUEA_enUS439US439&q=rlld+commercial+lighting
Local Submission: Claim your site at each one. Yellow Bot, yellow pages etc. and city search
*notice that CBS local is pulling review from
City Search & yelp (one example of the viral nature of social sharing)

Examples Of The Viral Nature Of Social Sharing

Google Blog Is Viral

Blog is being pulled to different sources. Sign Up For hellotxt:

Website Data Information Sites Are Viral

These types of websites pull vertical social media data. (Site below pulls rlld’s twitter feed)

Feed Aggregator Sites Are Also Viral

Feed: Commercial Lighting Fixtures & Photometric Outdoor Light Design Blog Yelp Is Viral & Syndicated (Registration Is Required)

Search On Yahoo For “Houston rlld commercial lighting.;_ylt=AgwiqMkJ.2dPJP6WZwXF83ievZx4?p=hou ston+rlld+commercial+lighting&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

Dexknows Review Site: l827624705

Review of residential landscape lighting being pulled from 713-863-7699/review/list

Upload your pictures to Yelp 4th listing is residential lighting design.

Update On Social Sharing & Retargeting Search Results

Retargeting Search Results

With good search statistics and knowing then the search term someone used to get to your website, you can then target them in various ways you believe reflect that search interest This kind of tracking gives you a better idea of the value of certain search terms, so you can change your SEO approach to suit.

Example 1: Look at the statistics for Residential Landscape Lighting & Design and the 12th listing is outdoor lighted christmas trees is number 6 in the SERPs. Page needs to be adjusted to match the search term. This term also ranks on the same page outdoor lighted christmas decorations ranks number 3 in google. How can the page be improved?

Example 2: landscape lighting design ranks number 2 on google how can this page be improved?

Example 3: Do a Google search of your site, type this in to google search window “christmas light sculptures” The results is what google believes are the most important pages on your site for a particular keyword.

Example 4: Do a search for “cove lightingt residential” do site search
lighting residential”” Click on images on left navbar.

Example 5: Do a search for commercial street lights http://www.residential-landscape-

On the left navigation on the search results click on the left navigation bar on the word images. This will give you all the related images that exist on your site for the keyword “Christmas light sculptures”. Pick the most descriptive image that fits the content.

Web Hosting ( 0 )
A good web hosting service can increase traffic flow significantly. Some individuals have their own internet sites that are easy to maintain using a number of free services that are available. However, when it comes to even small companies trying to conduct business over the internet and amplify their customer base, there really is no other option than to use a reliable web hosting company.
One factor that cannot be stressed enough is using a web site provider that has plenty of years in the business. Even though the internet has been around for a while now, it is a constantly changing environment. A company that has been in the internet business for some time knows how to navigate through the different changes that can occur on an almost daily basis. They are familiar with the different things search engines look for when ranking sites, how different operating networks work, and should be able to offer services well beyond the basics. When it comes to increasing a site's visibility and increasing its traffic, which equates to higher revenue for that company, a website company with years of service is arguably the best bet.
There are many different facets to choosing a web site host:
The biggest issue is providing a stable server. If the server cannot perform properly, then it can affect the business’ ability to conduct transactions with its customers. A downed server can affect any script on the page, files, data, and the customer's overall experience on the site
The company must also supply enough disk space for each web site. There needs to be enough room to store multimedia files, databases, scripts, and other files pertaining to the company. Files that are not visible on the website may be backed up on disk storage to help the site work properly.
Security is another key factor that needs to be considered. Measures to ensure the security of each website must be in place and updated regularly. This may include, but is not limited to, a list of people that are able to access the site to make any changes using specific passwords, frequently changing passwords, password-protected directories, secure sockets layer certificates, email encryption, among other features.
Companies that offer this type of service should also offer a file transfer protocol manager or FTP ability. For users that do not have their own FTP, this offers them the ability to add, rename or remove files on the server.
Email accounts are another consideration. Clients should be able to have corresponding email accounts to their domain name. The email service may include auto-responder, forwarding, and incoming and outgoing email servers. It should also offer some type of spam and virus filter for those email accounts.
This is just a basic overview of what a web hosting service should be able to provide. Understanding this information while searching for a company with years of experience will help ensure that the customer chooses the right provider.
Website Design ( 3 )

SEO411’s high impact website design results in deep market penetration.  Our goal is to create consistent, long-term lead generation for every client. 

Our websites are aesthetically balanced and speak to the beauty of simplicity without busy overkill.  The power of our approach, and the key to the success that we create for you, is the rigorous SEO initiatives our staff undertake on a daily basis.   

Our core values mandate that what we build for you must be seen by your clients to be useful to you.  We see little point in creating a website that no one ever sees. 

We avoid wasting time on abstract theory, constant talk, and hypotheticals that waste time and energy. 

If a tree falls in the woods, it has nothing to do with making you money.  We avoid going down such nonsense roads in our negotiations.   

Instead, we take the initiative in strategizing website designs that put you in the Alpha position of market dominance. 

Copywriters are trained to speak on your behalf through articles and blogs that showcase the unique value production that characterizes your particular organization.  We want your clients to feel familiar with you before they actually contact you.  We want them to feel they know you well enough already that they won’t bother to call your competitors. 

The importance of copywriting in our search marketing website design cannot be overemphasized.

Copywriting drives organic listings in search engine rankings that consistently put your website above that of your competitors.  This establishes a long-term, consistent level of exposure that ongoing website management will maintain on your behalf. 

Our copywriters are trained to promote tangibles.  Generalities, clichés, and vagaries are rejected in favor of the clear, the simple, and the concrete. 

Your clients need to be able to visualize the benefits of what you will do for them when they read the articles and blogs on your site.  There is no point in hiding behind doublespeak or pompous language when the facts of value production and return on investment make a far more powerful statement on your behalf.  The truth helps, the truth works, and the truth makes money in the long run. 

Results are directly proportional to partnership, and expectations should be set for the long term

Anyone who may have sold you website design as an instant money bag has probably, unfortunately, already taken your money.  SEO411 makes no such ostentatious claims.  Our professionals commit themselves to long term plans with great rewards at the end of the tunnel.  As we labor, we do not cease to come up with strategies that can be executed on behalf of improving your revenue stream along the way. 

We are candid about the hard work that is involved in making you money. 

We neither rely upon the economy, nor do we cower down before its threats.  Website design is an essential in this civilization no matter what flips the economy makes.  With SEO411 as your consulting partner in business development, you can be confident that your organization will not flip, but instead will steadily grow through careful, deliberate, and systematic cultivation of your success.

Website Development ( 5 )

Every website development project is defined by customization to personal client need foremost in mind.

Sites are balanced and attractive, with a visual appeal that reinforces the value production that characterizes the nature of true business.  These sites are also highly functional.  Advanced internet marketing techniques, combined with the best in copywriting and web editing services, make your site easy for potential clients to find. 

We consider it pointless to build websites that rival cinema if no one can find with pertinent search terms that matter to your business.  Our website development gives you something far more valuable—concentrated, strategic search engine optimization methods to consistently generate qualified leads for your sales team. 

This returns your investment in us, and it increases your profits with surplus revenues.   We make no bones about this being a process.  Nothing that good happens overnight.  But for those who value commitment in consulting relationships, who are in those relationships for the long haul, good returns are sure to follow.   

We never cease to emphasize how truly important the SEO aspect of web development truly is.

We hold ourselves to a very high standard that insists on keeping you high in the rankings.  Our founding principle has always been websites have to be found first before they can be seen, and they must be seen before they can be admired.

With strategically targeted articles, blogs, and ongoing website development, we position you higher than your competitors in the search engine rankings.

We do this by telling the plain truth in a way that educates your clients in the nature of your services.  We enumerate in plain English the tangible values people can expect to receive by doing business with you.  We also help them see a return on their money at the end of the investment tunnel.

 We do not write feel good material that says nothing when you read it, nor do we use glittering generalities like those used by other website development groups.

People already know you have “excellent customer service” and “quality” to offer.

It is so much better just to spell out the facts.  Just tell people what they get, and how much money they can either save or make, if they make an investment in you.  This gives you tremendous credibility in the eyes of the public when juxtaposed against the facades of those who avoid deliberately avoid speaking the substantial.   

Time invested in your website development relationship is directly proportional to the payoff you receive.

Perhaps someone told you that a new site will brings buckets of money in the first 30 days.  Then they took your money and you never saw it again.

 We don’t do that.  We are forthright about the amount of time and labor we anticipate will be required to generate the results you expect.

Our professionals commit themselves to a plan, and then they execute that plan with neither a fear of the economy holding them back, nor a cushion of economy holding them up.  Variables come and go.  Consistent partnership and community management never ceases to pay off.

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