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How to use social media - 3-11-2015
Class Notes: Quality Content in 2015
Semantic SEO
Semantic SEO search engines like Google and Bing use a contextual network that maps relationships between entities to strip away the ambiguity and derive the core meaning of the search as intended by the user.
Fox 26 News - 11/20/2013
Page Rank Overcometh - 8/7/13
In her 8/7/13 U of H SBDC Internet Marketing Clinic, Beth Guide discussed the variable changes in Google's latest algorithm update.
Making Your Site Engaging - 5/22/13
To make your site engaging, ad graphics, videos, and interesting information that solves problems for your visitors, then make sure it is easy to contact you on every page.
Making the Internet a Better Place while Converting Traffic
Today’s search engine optimized site isn’t your father’s old website. Those in the know are re-purposing content in a variety of ways offering visitors useful and engaging material that answers their questions and presents you as an expert in the field.
What Is & How Does It Affect Your SEO
Schema markup language is designed to help search engines identify and index your content as well as certain components of your site and understand them better.
Fox 26 News - 05/14/2013
Business owners beware. How you act on Facebook can reflect negatively on your business.
Fox 26 News - 04/11/2013
PC sales hit the skids, is Windows 8 to blame?
FOX 26 News - 03/12/2013
Understanding How Facebook can compromised your privacy
Tried & True SEO Ranking Factors
Internet Marketing Clinic, U of H SBDC, Wed. 4/3/2013. Presented by Beth Guide. This clinic focused on the SEO Ranking Factors that Google considers when ranking web sites.
Conversion Optimization Is Backbone To Customer Experience Management
Conversion optimization functions as the backbone of customer experience management. It both supports and stimulates the customer experience by making each page on the website function as a landing page in its own right.
Web Hosting & Enterprise Solutions Can Make a Big SEO Difference
SEO411 can help you with all of your web hosting and enterprise solutions needs. Call us at 713-703-3030 to see how we can help your site live and thrive in our SEO-friendly neighborhood.
Choosing Reliable Online Marketing Companies
There are numerous online marketing companies offering bigger, better results at extremely low, often unrealistic prices. It is rare for any business to develop a website, and instantly start making revenue for the investor.
What Is Paid Search Marketing?
What is paid search marketing and how can an SEO company help ensure better results for the investment? Is this technique right for everyone? What steps are involved?
How Does Web Site Design and E-Commerce Solutions Affect Your Web Presence?
Web site design and E-commerce solutions are not as different from traditional print advertising as many business owners think.
Backlinking for Success
University of Houston Small Business Development Center. February 13, 2013 Presented by Beth Guide & Dominik Hussl
Search Engine Marketing & Customer Experience Management
The dominance of the Internet is causing companies to replace their traditional advertising methods with more effective and wider ranging search engine marketing (SEM) and customer experience management strategies on the web.
How Local Search Marketing Services Can Increase Sales
When a business is looking to get their store front out there on the internet, hiring local search marketing services will get the job done.
Internet Marketing Is More Than Just Advertisement
Years ago advertising was done on television, radio, and through newspapers, but today internet marketing is the new form of advertisement. This is much more sophisticated than simply coming up with a catchy jingle or a memorable mascot. It is more involved than producing a logo.
The Key Elements To Business Web Development
When a company is looking for quality business web development, they need to make sure that they hire a reputable and qualified search engine optimization team to implement it.
What Is A Black Hat SEO Service
There are reputable search engine optimization teams and then there is the black hat SEO. Much like in the days of western movies, the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats.
Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Management
Reputation management through organic search engine optimization is the best way to teach, share, and build relationships that will hopefully be profitable for both the business and the customer for a long time to come.
Turning To An Internet Marketing Specialist For Help
To navigate the many marketing choices facing today’s small businesses, corporations and governmental agencies, these entities are turning to the Internet marketing specialist for help.
Deciding The Best Methods To Use For Search Marketing
Wanting an online presence means proper optimization of the website, and appropriate search engine marketing techniques soon follow. Often called SEO and SEM respectively, these techniques involve preparing and promoting a website. Over $11 billion was spent in 2008 on SEM alone.
Details On Web Design
Web design is a multifaceted concept that encompasses a number of disciplines and skills in the creation and upkeep of a website. There are numerous areas that must be planned and developed to guarantee a successful endeavor, and the user is in charge of deciding the functionality and purpose of the...
Finding The Right Internet Marketing Consultancy Firm
Internet marketing consultancy can provide big assets and tools for any size business. Getting the help necessary to succeed with an online audience, a website has to be designed to attract both people and search engines.
How Ecommerce Website Design Can Help A Business
Having an online presence means exploring how ecommerce website design can work for a small business or a big corporation. There are many options available for a company to have that online presence. Pricing ranges from somewhat affordable to unbelievably high.
What Custom Web Development Companies Have To Offer
When a business wants their website to be efficient and effective, custom web development companies will give that client a complete package. They will strive to bring positive results that drive targeted traffic to their site and increases potential revenue.
Searching For The Best Web Development Firm
Deciding to have an online presence and implement a campaign geared at building clientele often means exploring how to successfully find the ideal web development firm for the budget and need.
The Zoo - Penguins and Pandas attack
What To Expect From Professional SEO Help
When a business needs some help increasing traffic to their website, they start looking for some SEO help. A quick search on the internet and one will find a multitude of companies and individuals offering a wide array of services with just as many variances in price.
What To Look For When Hiring An SEO Firm
Hiring a reputable SEO firm is often tackled with apprehension and uncertainty. There are numerous online resources that make unrealistic promises, and charge high prices for results that simply cannot be guaranteed.
Exploring Different Search Engine Optimization Packages
Visiting an online marketing website may introduce the potential customer to a number of search engine optimization packages. They are geared at providing a number of services grouped together at a lower price than they would be if the services were purchased separately.
Choosing To Utilize Google For Local Business Advertising
Google local business search engine optimization has made remarkable strides in connecting potential customers with storefronts downtown. By reducing the market region for companies, this leader in search engines is able to reduce costs while increasing exposure.
Why Google Local Has Become An Important Marketing Tool
The potential area of exposure that Google local can provide a company cannot go overlooked by business owners. With the hardcopy printing of the Yellow Pages becoming obsolete as technology advances, small stand-alone businesses must utilize every marketing avenue available to them online.
What To Look For In An Internet Marketing Consultant
The internet marketing consultant is quickly becoming a key figure in the business world today. As technology rapidly evolves and different business sectors collide, it seems these experts have a unique edge that company owners are vying for.
Having An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan
The success of today’s businesses relies heavily on having an effective social media marketing plan. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are popular places for people to socialize, and wherever a large number of people congregate there is the opportunity to make money with advertising.
The Benefits When Combining Ecommerce And SEO Expertise
Combining ecommerce plus SEO expertise equals a thriving and profitable business. Often ecommerce lacks SEO qualities that could help propel sites to the forefront of inquiry lists on the internet.
How To Find Affordable Website Design
Anyone who wants to start a business online needs affordable website design. Just because something is within a reasonable price range does not mean that quality must be less. The professional SEOs want to make sure that the company that hires them has the best service possible at the best prices...
Constructing The Best Internet Marketing Plan
The best way to harness the potential power of the web is to consult a professional to construct the best Internet Marketing Plan.
What To Remember When Using Internet Marketing Strategies
One thing just about any online business could benefit from is the knowledge of how to implement any number of internet marketing strategies to increase revenue. There are numerous websites promising new, improved, and free tips to get the business owner started.
Searching For Affordable SEO Services
Search Engine Optimization and marketing are a vital part of succeeding on the internet, and this need leaves many businesses searching for affordable SEO services. There seems to be a lot of information out there on the best way to get those desired results.
What Is Necessary For Web Development
Web development is a rather broad phrase used to describe the development of a site for either a private network called an Intranet or the World Wide Web called the internet. There are many factors that come into play with the planning, creation, and maintaining of a site.
The Factors Of SEO Cost
SEO cost is a common question clients ask. Often though it is hard to gauge what is the right price for any given website. The price may differ vastly, not only based on the scope of work that will be entailed, but the skill set of the company providing the bid.
Using Social Media For Business Advertisement And Marketing
Today one of the more popular advertising vehicles used is social media for business. As with all things, time has changed how companies use marketing tools and which ones they choose to implement. With the advent of the internet, many new and exciting opportunities became available.
Search Marketing Takes Advantage Of A Number Of Techniques
Search marketing includes a number of advertising techniques related to how people seek out information and products on the internet. The term search marketing covers a broad spectrum of online advertising that uses four main categories from which to base its strategies.
Hiring A Professional Search Engine Optimization Firm
Many people may believe that they can save their business a lot of money by not utilizing a professional search engine optimization firm do the work for them.
Advertise With Pay Per Click Internet Marketing
There are many ways to advertise a website and one of those is by pay per click internet marketing. Anyone who has ever surfed the web looking for a subject or item has more than likely seen this type of advertising in the form of banners and pop ups.
Why A Local Business Search Is A Critical
Doing a local business search is a necessary step in the road to success for small companies today. With the high usage rate of online resources for consumers, SEO marketing tools are not just for big companies anymore.
Tips And Tricks That Help With Ecommerce SEO
Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of a successful website and ecommerce SEO differs very little in concept. Basically, search engine optimization is the process in which a website is made “search friendly” for both search engines and potential visitors to the website.
Connect With People By Local Business Marketing
Online local business marketing is a smart way to connect with people in the area that are regular online shoppers.
Hiring An Internet Marketing Consultant
An internet marketing consultant can make substantial improvements in revenue for a business. It can be tricky to maneuver the ever changing environment of online sales, and choosing someone who knows how to keep up with the changes can be crucial.
What Small Business Internet Marketing Offers
Companies know that competition is everywhere, but they may not know just how important small business internet marketing is to their overall success.
Why Ethical Search Engine Marketing Is So Important
Some companies may try anything to get ahead, but not those that practice ethical search engine marketing. There are always many tricks and underhanded ways to surpass the competition, however, in the end it usually all falls apart.
How To Achieve High Search Engine Placement
A website’s success in attracting potential customers is directly correlated to high search engine placement. If people are unable to find an internet site, then the traffic simply will not be there.
The Methods Behind Search Engine Marketing Firms
Search engine marketing firms use several methods to help online sites garner the most from their internet presence. The best search engine marketing firm’s help clients create naturally appealing sites that get noticed by inquiry listings.
Tips For Choosing The Best SEO Company
The best SEO company practices guarantee a white hat rating by search engine organizations. A business that wants better internet visibility realizes what a valuable asset this service provides. They will also consider specific criteria for choosing the best SEO company that will meet their needs.
How To Get The Best Results With Web Site Optimization
Web site optimization is meant to improve placement within search engine rankings, while also focusing on maintaining user-friendly pages. While it may be challenging to juggle a multifaceted approach, this will lead to the highest probability of the best results.
Succeed With The Help Of An SEO Firm
Enlisting the services of a reliable SEO firm is a necessity if a company wants to succeed through internet marketing. This is the best way to ensure that everything is done in compliance with search engines’ current standards.
Why SEO Copywriting Is So Valuable
Since search engines are looking for specific things in the text which is used on a website, SEO copywriting is certainly something that a website owner wants to hire the right company to do for them.
Everything You Need To Know About A Local Business Listing
Any company that is interested in having a website online knows that it is important to have a local business listing on the major search engines, such as Google and Bing. These listings are much like the telephone book which people have used since the invention of the telephone.
Using Internet Marketing For A Small Business
Successful companies know that it is wise to use internet marketing for a small business. While there are many other types of applications that can be used, the results for this method are much better.
Finding The Best Search Engine Optimization Packages
Finding search engine optimization packages that work for a specific website is often a hit or miss situation. However, a reliable and reputable internet marketing company will offer exceptional services that are tailor made and suitable for the needs of each particular customer.
Incorporating Internet Marketing Strategies
New internet marketing strategies are coming in to play all the time. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, businesses have understood the value of putting themselves out there.
Search Engine Marketing Is Crucial For Any Business
For a business to become more successful on the internet, they should look into hiring a search engine marketing company. There are several things a business can do on their own that will aid in their attempt to gain more customers and clients.
Encountering A Search Engine Optimizer
Hiring a professional for those SEO needs often means encountering a search engine optimizer.
Needing A Search Engine Optimization Specialist
A search engine optimization specialist is responsible for creating a system of linked articles, blogs and advertising that direct potential customers to product and services websites.
Selecting An Internet Marketing Agency
The expertise of a knowledgeable internet marketing agency can be quite beneficial to any company, no matter what their size or time in their industry may currently be. A full service firm will strive to meet, and even exceed the marketing goals already set forth.
Choosing The Best Social Media Marketing
There are many places that can provide the best social media marketing on the internet today. With the advent of many of the peer to peer friendship sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter, comes the opportunity that may not have existed a few years ago.
How A Search Engine Optimization Firm Works
A search engine optimization firm works to ensure its customers are highly visible on the web. The rapidly changing requirements and qualifications for high rankings with inquiry systems on the net are easily handled by a search engine optimization firm.
Needing Reputation Management Consultants
The need for reputation management consultants is a vital part of online marketing. While the internet is a hotbed of activity, when it comes to information, not all information is flattering. Many companies discover erroneous information can really hurt future customer possibilities.
Understanding Organic Search Engine Optimization
Understanding organic search engine optimization is essential for the future success of any website. One of the first steps to insuring proper placement and those natural results is to understand how SEO came about and how a website finds inclusion with popular sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo....
SEO 411 Website Authors
Beth Guide is the primary author of our SEO411 website.
Successful Internet Marketing Strategy
Internet marketing strategy has got to be on the minds of all company heads who have an internet presence. A company that has only brick and mortar stores will still need to focus on the marketing and advertising, but there will be some different focuses.
Using Internet Marketing Solutions
If someone has a business, no matter how big or small, then they are either on the web already, or are wanting to get there using some form of internet marketing solutions. Being on the internet can be a task for both small and large companies.
Panda goes after links
Internet Marketing For An Online Business
Internet marketing for an online business is becoming a common practice in today’s hi-tech world. With so much competition in every market, companies are moving over to the internet to boost the sales by creating a website for the company.
The Service An Internet Marketing Consultant Provides
An internet marketing consultant provides a valuable service to a company looking to expand their sales and revenues. Building a strategy for optimizing a company's presence on the web is the goal of an internet marketing consultant.
What An Internet Marketing Guru Does
With so many people trying to start or improve the effectiveness of a website, knowing how to get a real internet marketing guru while avoiding scams is essential. There are some tips and hints on finding a real professional, capable of leading a website to success, which anyone can follow.
Consider Using Search Engine Optimization Companies
Anyone who is serious about taking their online business to the next level needs to rely on search engine optimization companies to get there.
Get The Best Results With Internet Marketing And Advertising
Few people would argue the exceptional need for high quality internet marketing and advertising gurus on the World Wide Web these days. As with any other media source, knowing how to get results means finding an expert capable of promoting a product or service in a cost effective manner.
About Hiring Internet Marketing Agencies
A business that is either online or aspiring to advertise online needs to consult the professionals in the business of internet marketing agencies for several reasons. First, they can help to optimize the power of the web.
Using Cheap Search Engine Optimization
Cheap search engine optimization (SEO) is a good internet marketing strategy, as well as an important goal for a large number of companies these days.
Defining Affordable Search Engine Optimization
Defining affordable search engine optimization is about as difficult as actually searching through the possible opportunities online. Cost effective SEO services, however, are available if the potential client looks in the right place and asks the right questions.
Looking For A Search Engine Optimisation Company
If a small business owner wants to launch a website for customers to buy products and gather information, it would be a good idea for the business person to look into hiring a search engine optimisation company.
Seeking Internet Marketing Advice
The web is full of many different sites that promise internet marketing advice. Some of them have wonderful tips and some of them turn out to be nothing more than empty promises.
Effective Internet Marketing Tools
What does effective internet marketing entail? Well it uses a mix of electronic venues such as email and other wireless applications. These help to get the word out about a product, service, or good in an attempt to successfully gain and keep new customers.
Finding The Best Search Engine Optimization Company
Need help finding the best in a search engine optimization company? Need one that will take the business to the next level? Then look for one that has a team of specialists dedicated to advancing a business towards top rankings within the browser.
Ways To Get Results From Online Internet Marketing
Web or online internet marketing is a means by which websites attract visitors. With literally hundreds of million websites on the web today, knowing how to get those visitors to come and have a look can mean the difference between success or failure.
Holistic Approach to SEO
University of Houston Small Business Development Center. February 22, 2012 Presented by Beth Guide
Utilizing Search Engine Optimization Consulting
Whether someone has a business that is strictly online or not, at some point they realize they are in need of search engine optimization consulting.
The Key To Internet Marketing Campaigns
Internet marketing campaigns are a brilliant way to boost visibility on the Web and increase sales. A variety of methods are employed by businesses that conduct internet marketing campaigns. The focus of these strategies depends on the goal of the publicity.
Internet Marketing Solutions Come In Various Forms
Internet marketing solutions come in several forms. A search engine optimization company, or SEO for short, can be a big help for businesses large and small.
Turning To Professional Search Engine Optimization
Professional search engine optimization is an option many businesses are turning to if they have an online presence. Of course, everyone wants to be number one, and that is no different when it comes to the commercial arena.
Considering Search Engine Reputation Management
Search engine reputation management has become a necessary part of running a successful business. In this technological age, search engine reputation management plays an essential role in the image of a company. How the public views a business is vital to its survival and growth.
Understanding Website Search Engine Optimization
This term is heard every day but what is website search engine optimization? What is the main focus of the term? First, it has to be explained why someone on the internet would need this type of service.
Fire Fox Page Ranking Link - Beth Guide Class - 2/8/12
Beth Guide provided an informative evening of discussion as well as Q & A on search engine optimization.
Getting The Best Internet Marketing Help Possible
There is a lot of internet marketing help available to businesses. Perhaps one of the best places to start would be with a search engine optimization, or SEO, consulting agency. They will be able to provide a full menu of services that will aid any business in finding more success online.
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Web Hosting & Enterprise Solutions Can Make a Big SEO Difference

SEO411 can help you with all of your web hosting and enterprise solutions needs. Call us at 713-703-3030 to see how we can help your site live and thrive in our SEO-friendly neighborhood.

Choosing Reliable Online Marketing Companies

There are numerous online marketing companies offering bigger, better results at extremely low, often unrealistic prices. It is rare for any business to develop a website, and instantly start making revenue for the investor.


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