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Anchor Text in a Post Penguin world

In the age of penguins, there has been much attention paid to anchor text and how to use it properly now.  When I add in the considerations for the over-optimization penalty a page has, how to add and when to add anchor text had to change.

First lets recap how we did things in the good old days. We would choose to reinforce the keyword in our article making sure we added a hyperlink to a relevant page every time our keyword appeared through text.  So in the days when keyword densities saw words repeated 10+ times, that was a lot of highlighted anchor text and the entire situation was not natural. No one would naturally add a word that many times.

As time went forward we slowly cut back on creating anchor text with the keyword in the article directly. This was a substantial change from how we used to teach it. We moved from making multiple links on a page using the same word to diversifying the word we used although we were still adding upwards of 10 links on a page, not counting any navigational links.

Now, when we make links in the copy we need to make sure they are strong links. Some pages have zero anchor text added to them because it just doesn’t make sense. I feel we are working more in the spirit of what Google intended now. When you have something that is related, naturally make a link. If you don’t, then don’t.

To force anchor text into a page just to create that link is not longer a good idea because quickly you will see that page bit by the over-optimization bug.

Additionally, there is the new challenge of making links to your site and link building. You no longer want to add monetizable keywords feverously to a post or article you’re submitting through a third party.  If your article is about helmets you would not add tires, brakes or even gloves to your boilerplate author box.  You may say Click Here, with the click here being what you opt to use as your anchor text.

How would someone naturally create a link? That’s the main consideration when adding anchor text in an article now.

We live in a dramatically different world than the one from  five (5) years ago. The less time we spend on how to game Google System and think of how to provide more relevant information and links for the end user,  the more successful we are.

Google is wise to over-optimization as well as Exact Match Domains so the best advice is to just act naturally in all you do, add strong engaging content and sit back and watch your rankings rise.

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Making Multiple Uses Out of Your One Content Idea

So yesterday I got an email from our publicist that asked me to give her 3 tips for people that own a website.  As I sat down to write them for her, I realized we had a really good core idea that could be easily made into a killer blog post as well as the topic for my next SBDC Internet Marketing Class.

As I was completing the blog post named 7 things I commonly see wrong,  one of the folks I met at Pubcon the previous week called and wanted to know if I had given any more consideration to using their company. As I sat looking at my list, I realized I had my one core idea could also be converted into an info graphic. After all most people who deal with websites could use my 7 points in a graphic format to hand to their developers or to their design team.

This sequence got me thinking, I have a lot of SEO and Internet marketing facts in my head and really need to sit down and organize them all. But as I pursue each idea, I can reinforce all my efforts if I take each of my core ideas and use them in multiple ways.

◊ I have the blog post that I added to our website
◊ I have shared the blog post on Facebook
◊ I have shared the blog post on Twitter
◊ I am now making that blog post into an infographic
◊ I am making that blog post into a PowerPoint presentation for my bi-weekly internet marketing class
◊ I will record my presentation and make that into a video for YouTube
◊ I will take both my PowerPoint and my infographic and use it for Pinterest.
◊ And lastly I used my experience with that article to write this article.

The entire point is this: Ideas are sometimes hard to come by because of all the day to day noise. And when you get one, if you can sit down and figure out how you can use each idea in multiple ways, you have lightened your workload.

Of course I’m not talking about duplicate content here, nothing I listed out duplicates anything. But it allows you to go across the social spectrum without having to come up with a new wheel for each channel.

Additionally, after you have done all of this, you will have solved an other issue, links. This post and all the articles I post, I try to provide good solid help to my end user. And, I hope that each one of them will find my post so compelling that they remember to add a link to it so that the rest of the world can see.

Just remember, find the multiple uses in all you do!

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7 Deadly Sins of Web Design

The 7 Deadly Sins of Web Design:

Let’s face it, website conversion should be the end game of every website. The basic purpose of a website is to have the page convert into a sale or a contact from a potential client.  Almost daily I am confronted with a website that didn’t include ways for the end user, the visitor, to interact and upset website owner wondering why their web designer didn’t consider this.

Some tips to consider when setting up a website are:

#1- Phone Number – Don’t hide it. Don’t make people dig for it. Put it in the header of your page design in a contrasting color so it stands out. Make the font size larger so that it stands out and try to add a shadowing to give the number depth. 

#2 – Create a Path for Contact – Make sure people have an easy way to contact you and clearly explain what you want them to do. If you want them to fill out a form, use words people understand, like ‘request information’. Avoid labels like the word ‘submit’.

#3- Don’t Send Mixed Messages – Make sure your page matches what your keywords are and clearly tell the user what you do.  If you’re a staffing agency, say “We provide staffing”. Slogans saying, “We grow businesses” does not let the end user know what you do and sends a mixed message.

 #4 – The More Clicks the Worse the Conversion – Don’t make your user have to navigate through your site to find what they want. The more they have to navigate through the site, the less likely they are to engage you. The only people that will read your whole website are engineers.   

#5 – Lose the Gimmicks – Gimmicks make for a lot of problems. Flash doesn’t work on an iPad. That’s a big deal with the explosion of tablets. Don’t let your developer talk you into some slick shiny moving object. It gets old quickly and leaves part of our audience on the sidelines.

#6 – Pay Close Attention to your Images – They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but yet in the world of the websites they are so frequently used improperly.  One of the biggest mistakes is the use of the wrong image on your website. This is a mistake that I see companies big and small make.  If you sell electricity, why would you have people working on their income tax? If you’re staffing, why would you put up images of light bulbs? I see this mistake so frequently.  Stock images of people that don’t mimic the tone of your company are another huge issue. If you’re a tech firm, do you walk around in suits and ties or Converse?  People who choose to contact you off your website already have a visual. Converse and shorts are not interchangeable.

#7 – The 8 Second Rule – No I’m not talking about bull riding. What I am talking about is you have 8 seconds to capture that user.  Make sure your message is clear and there are proper visual clues that will capture the user. The use of the color red and green when used properly tell the user what to do. The use of bold fonts allows the user to scan the work and get a gist of the page without reading it.  Clear navigation gives the user an idea of where to go.  And always make sure the message on the page matches what the user is expecting. 


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Achieve Real Results With Online Marketing Companies

What makes the ideal choice from all of the available online marketing companies? How can the consumer save money while maximizing results? What is most important when searching for a better page ranking?

Ask about the experience of the proposed service provider. If the provider hires employees, are those people trained and experienced? Is their work reviewed, checked, and edited? Experience is a must for a successful provider.

Ask about a warranty or guarantee. Most reliable and trustworthy providers will give the customer some sort of guarantee whether it is result-orientated or time-orientated. There may be stipulations to the contract. Be sure to get the warranty in writing along with the agreed upon contract.

Ask whether or not the work completed is provable and tracked. Most providers can easily allow the client to have access to the logs and results of their hard work. Getting positive results means exploring those records and logs to find out if they are consistent and going in an upward motion.

Finding a reliable and better provider means a lower investment over time. The organization gives results that continue working for a longer period of time. The page ranking will improve at a slower rate because the organic results happen slowly and continue growing. The best choice for the job is one that will continue working with the business as long as the services are needed.

Not all online marketing companies are created equal. Finding the best organization for the money means exploring how those businesses can better cater to a website owner while still providing the desired results via a long term campaign.

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Look To The Experts To Perform Paid Search Marketing

Is paid search marketing beneficial? Is it going to cost less to do it oneself? Why is hiring an SEO expert ideal?

Advertising to an online target audience is not always easy. Even a professional can easily become overwhelmed especially with all the rule changes associated with each and every search engine. Success means understanding the regulations of the engines while still having time to create effective content.

There are numerous types of advertising that can cost money, and skyrocket a website to the top of the rankings. However, not everyone has the skill or experience necessary to get those positive results. Hiring an SEO firm can prove advantageous for any business owner with a website. With all of the pricing options, a business can find a reliable combination of budget friendly and effective results.

There are challenges to every campaign that is usually unique to the project. Every website is different, and every business has unique needs. A professional knows how to customize the campaign to the individual website rather than a single rule that fits every need. They also know how to guarantee positive results utilizing custom keywords and phrases designed for the company.

Paid search marketing campaigns are highly effective as long as the investor continues to pay for the results. Once the money stops, the results slow down and then eventually stop. For a jump start or to advertise a special occasion, very few techniques can bring about fast, positive results. However, there are other techniques that can ensure lasting results with a minimal investment.

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How Local Search Marketing Services Can Increase Sales

Local search marketing services will help guide a small business in the direction of profit making.  They manage the existing site and bring the website’s rankings up on the various popular browsers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A search engine optimization company will have a consultant meet with the business owner.  They will discuss the ins and outs of what that company does and what products and services they provide.  This consultant will establish what the short term and long term goals are.  They will research the competition.  Then look at the company’s web site to determine its effectiveness.

Once that has been done, they will again sit down with the business owner to discuss implementing their local search marketing services.  A reputable SEO company will provide steps for short term success, but will focus on the long term.  Spider bots and other programs used by the various browsers look for the web sites that are just doing the quick fix or spamming techniques.  This is where taking it slow and steady is the right course for the business owner.  These professionals are updated constantly on what Google and the others are looking for.  They are experienced at circumventing these potential issues to better serve their clients.

After the specialist has determined what is working and what needs improvement, a plan is developed according to priority.  There is no right or wrong answer to how much of an SEO’s expertise a business may get.  It is determined solely on the deficiencies that need to be addressed, the company’s goals, and the budget they have to work with at the present moment.  A reputable SEO company will have many options available to cater to their client’s individual needs.

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Internet Marketing Is More Than Just Advertisement

Some people think of it is as high tech advertising, but internet marketing is much more than that.  The idea behind the success of a company’s website is to make sure that they beat out the competition by allowing search engines to find the business’s page easily. This is done through the placement of links, updated content, current information, and continuous maintenance.  It is far more than putting up a banner that says go to this site for this product.

When a prospective customer asks for a specific type of product, they will type in a key word or a series of words.  This is how the crawler knows which sites to list as results for the searcher.  The right search engine optimization professional will be able to slowly but surely advance their clients up through the thousands of results climbing steadily toward the front page.  This is the coveted and pivotal place that every business needs to be.  This is just part of the internet marketing that takes place when an SEO is hired.

Most business executives are far too busy to stop what they are doing with sales and production, and try to master the competition on the internet.  This is something that is best left to the professionals who know the industry, and can perform for the business and its officers while they keep running their company on other fronts.  Many businesses now take advantage of these SEO specialists, and in order to compete it is necessary to do the same thing.

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The Key Elements To Business Web Development

One of the key elements to business web development and its success is hiring the right SEO firm.  Anyone can design a website on the internet.  It is even possible to do so without charge.  However, there are other things such as hosting and maintaining it that begin to make the average person nervous.  For a company that has their future riding on those pages, they need to make sure that they have the best representation that is possible.
While many people think of business web development as a mere banner of advertisement, nothing could be farther from reality.  Once a domain name has been assigned to a page, there is still much to do such as adding content.  The content is the way that a company conveys to the prospective client why they are the one that should be chosen to provide the goods or services for which the customer is searching.  This data has to be useful as well as timely.  Poorly written articles that have many grammatical mistakes can jeopardize not only how they look in the eyes of the consumer, but how the company is perceived within the extremely strict regulations of the search engines.  Mistakes or incorrect info can lead to the site being penalized by losing their ranking through the likes of Google or Bing.  Plagiarizing can also be an extremely costly mistake as the crawlers are looking for repetitive information that is found elsewhere on the net.

It is just as important to make sure that the server continuously hosts the pages so that they do not end up being unavailable to traffic.  All of these things depend on the right SEO professional.

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What Is A Black Hat SEO Service

Everyone has known someone who takes risks and cuts corners and that is what a black hat SEO does.  It is a lazy way to promote a business as being a search engine optimization service when in actuality the service they are providing is immoral and unethical.  They will eventually lead their customers into the abyss of the internet because they will be banned from being indexed by the more popular search engines.

Creating pages that the business does not know is there, using white text to log in extra key words or using the key words three times in each sentence are all things that can end up getting a business’s website banned from the likes of Google or Bing.  These are some of the tactics that a black hat SEO service will do to get fast results.  In the short term it looks like they delivered on what they promised but over the long term, the end result could be disastrous.

Building a great website with usable and fresh content takes a lot of time and constant maintenance.  The truth is there is no way to quickly get the top slot on the front page of a search engine.  It requires the right knowledge and the right company monitoring the site to make sure that everyone within the website is within the perimeters of regulations and rules that Google and others demand that companies adhere to at all times.

The old saying about if it seems too good to be true it probably is, definitely rings true for these rule bending companies.

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Turning To An Internet Marketing Specialist For Help

The Internet marketing specialist is increasingly becoming a vital part of companies’ strategies to hold and expand their share of the marketplace.

Displaying a dazzling array of Internet-specific skills, these personnel develop and refine the digital presence of companies, corporations and organizations, ensuring the continued commercial viability of their business clients. Search engine optimization, blog creation, social media site enhancement and articles for digital publication are just a few of the many services that can be provided to clients. Possessing other strategic skill sets such as developing performance metrics, creation of Internet ads, establishing linkage to popular high quality sites and developing high quality content for diverse delivery platforms, these highly-trained specialists are a major asset to any company or organization.

Whether on staff , or employed on a contract basis, the online marketing professional may take many actions to improve a site’s performance, ranging from search engine optimization to modifying the site’s content to rebuilding the site entirely. All of these actions can increase a site’s usage, thus ultimately increasing revenue.

It is expected that spending for Internet marketing will surpass $10 billion in the United States by the year 2013, an increase of approximately $8.5 billion since 2005. This projection ensures the critical need for highly-trained personnel to keep a client’s online visibility current and responsive to both emerging business trends and technological developments. By developing content that is unique and of the highest relevance to users of the client’s products or services, an Internet marketing specialist serves as insurance against the client facing the potentially crippling consequences of losing market share — local or global — due to a poor online presence.

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