PastedGraphic 2 e1590445539293 SEO411 SEO411 Arranges Collaboration To Solve Senior Nursing Home Crisis During 2020 Pandemic

At SEO411, we are in the business of helping clients find solutions to their problems.  Typically, it involves a digital marketing strategy.  However, in some cases, the answer to the problem transcends the client’s digital footprint and solves a need within the community.  In this example, we took a problem we were seeing every day on our TV during the COVID-19 crisis and helped find a solution and used our own clients to help facilitate this. 

The Problem

The coronavirus pandemic created a large issue for senior living communities because of the quarantine. Throughout the United States we saw family members waving at glass windows. Because we have had parents who were bedbound at the end of their lives, we wondered about how those seniors were faring because they could not get up and look out a window or even dial a phone in some cases.

Because we have worked with Data Projections for many years, we knew they offered many variations of conferencing and interactive flat panels. As we talked through the solution with them one question arose, which was who did we know that worked with seniors and could help?

Fortunately, one of our newer clients, Senior Estate Concierge was bought into the project and was able to help facilitate the project and made the proper introductions to  Belmont Village who were quickly able to see that this user-friendly technology would allow residents to see and hear their loved ones while simultaneously bolstering their overall quality of life during the coronavirus crisis.

The Solution

SEO411 connected clients, Data Projections, Inc. and Senior Estate Concierge, with the community relations manager from Belmont Village Senior Living, which quickly facilitated  the ability of Belmont seniors to communicate with those outside the center via modern-day, state of the art, and portable digital technology. 

The technology provided by Data Projections, Inc. allowed residents to see the smiles and hear the voices of their loved ones in real-time from the comfort of their own rooms. Belmont Village staff were remotely trained on the use of all technological equipment so the seniors could enjoy a touch-free, user-friendly virtual experience with others outside the facility’s quarantine environment.

The Result

As a result of SEO411’s existing connections and the ground-breaking technology provided by a client, these seniors are now able to enjoy the virtual company of family and friends while still maintaining social distancing safety standards. In addition, our client, Data Projections, is also receiving increased visibility and great industry posturing for providing a much-needed service to a specific population in need amidst the coronavirus pandemic. We created and drove a story that helped create authority for our client all while solving a much larger problem for senior living communities. Additional wins were creating a new vertical for Date Projections as well as creating brand awareness for Senior Estate Concierge and how their company works every day to solve issues seniors encounter.