“Innovation is the key to a successful business.
During economic hardship, innovation is the key to survival.” 

The Small Business Survival Guide

Every small business has innovation at its core, innovation to do something better than everyone else out there. In times of economic hardship, the need to innovate increases exponentially. Those that can successfully pivot their business are the same ones that can thrive in a downturn and create new verticals after the crisis has passed. SEO411 has been working with business owners of all sizes to help them properly use technology and the web in ways to help insulate their businesses from economic downturns and the next pandemic. 

Ways to Pivot Your Business

Maximizing Your Website

It sounds so simple. And many of our friends that are in small businesses have looked to the internet to solve some of their economic issues. But without some minimal professional guidance, although the idea is right the execution is wrong, especially when dealing with an entity as complex as Google. Can you afford a misstep or miscue with your website? 

Common Errors Include:

  • Using the wrong solution like a web-based cloud design solution (Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify). 
  • Only having a glorified brochure website. Google is not in the business of giving sites like that first page placements any longer.
  • Incomplete technical execution. Poor structure and no hierarchy. Poor speed.
Website Audit

New Verticals

Find a new vertical for your business. When you are close to your business, it is sometimes hard to see what you can add to your business to help it adjust to the new circumstances. Sometimes that is as simple as adding a shopping cart to your website. Or thinking about extra verticals for your business. SEO411 has a long history of consulting with businesses and creating new opportunities. 

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Case Studies – Pandemic Pivot

SEO411 has always been innovative in its approach to how we service our customer’s needs. Our out of the box thinking not only applies to how we run the marketing for the website, but also our holistic approach to our clients. We look at all aspects of the business and utilize not only technology, but we also enlist traditional methods of marketing, which in turn often yields authority and credibility with Google’s E-A-T signals. We drive not only the website but also the story that will help create diverse ways of driving traffic and authority.

Breaking the Isolation for Seniors During COVID-19

PastedGraphic 3 SEO411 Small Business Survival Guide - Teaching the Pivot
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Bakery Pivots to Helping Houstian’s During Bread Shortages

bread rolands SEO411 Small Business Survival Guide - Teaching the Pivot
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teaching the pivot SEO411 Small Business Survival Guide - Teaching the Pivot

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