Digital Marketing Agency Service | Houston

What is Digital Marketing?

We are often asked what digital marketing really is. It is an  all-encompassing term that describes what SEO411 does. True, we started as ‘just’ SEO. But as any good SEO company knows the art of SEO has changed. Sure you may hear people say add a title tag, or put a meta keyword in. But those people are truly behind the curve. There are so many facets to having a solid online marketing presence. Digital Marketing better describes those efforts. We offer the following disciplines to help support our clients digital marketing efforts.

SEO Services

Our SEO services and methodology have a long track record of success. Because our fundamentals are correct and not tied ‘gaming the system,’ we provide a sustainable long-term SEO strategy to meet each of our clients needs. And we are not as shallow as to talk just about keywords, meta tags and other tactics are just the tip of the iceberg, not the core of success.

Content Marketing

Content has always been the driver of the entire internet at large. After all according to Google 98% of all search are informational. We listed content marketing first because it is an integral part of every digital strategy. In fact, it is the building block for every other aspect of your digital strategy. Our team of US-based writers can cover articles, white papers or blogging for your business.

Social Media

Another part of the Digital Marketing puzzle, Social Media is no longer just about fun cartoons. This is not a serious way for clients to get in front of prospective clients. Understanding the right way to develop each platform and how to best utilize it is something SEO411 excels at. We believe in original content that supports our clients business.

Local Search

The local search is a unique opportunity for local Houston business to gain top placement in search. And there is of course a different set of ‘rules’ for this area of search. SEO411’s strategies can help any local business lock in those coveted Google Map spots. We also develop a rich local footprint that allows your business to thrive in a local environment.

Reputation Management and Security

The emerging trend to prevent virtual identity kidnapping and holding corporate officials identities ransom has become a huge concern for many. SEO411 works to make sure that corporations have a solid reputation management strategy in place as well as one for principles and owners of the company. Don’t let your name be tarnished by disgruntled employees or held for ransom

Technical SEO

Knowing and understanding how a website should be put together is rare. Many people just install wordpress, add a few plugins and think they can do SEO. That couldn’t be further form the truth and to set a site up right is even harder. We fix most technical SEO issues and on the sites that we build we do it correct. The right platform done the right way can make a large difference on if you rank first or if you rank on the second page

SEM Paid Search

Paid search has become a very much different animal than Organic search even thought they appear on the same page. However, SEO and SEM is part of an overall Digital Marketing Strategy. If you are going to pay for someone to visit your page it is necessary to have a solid plan that maximizes the click and maximizes each dollar spent. SEO411 knows how to run solid paid search that yields solid results.

Social Ad Campaigns

Ads are increasingly being used in social with great results. At SEO411 we manage our clients social ads to help drive their engagement. build their brand and the by building their bottom line.

Link Building and Maintenance

Although link building can have a negative conation to it, the fact is you must have quality links to your site and to do this naturally you must create content that makes people want to link to your website. Beyond that, since the advent of negative SEO, link profiles have to now be maintained to keep bad links from pointing to your site. We offer both services as part of our digital marketing packages

Video and Scriptwriting

Video is fast becoming an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Most people would prefer to watch a 30 second video than read what it says. We write our scripts to promote engagement and reinforce the brand. Embedding video along with your content goes a long way to help make a sale.

Penalty Recovery

It’s very easy to find yourself in trouble with your website. There are penalties for content, links and poor security that can cause even the best website to take a tumble. Very few companies know or understand how to fix those issues. Our whole company started out of fixing problems other caused. If you have an issue with your site, you have found a company that can help solve the issue.

Website Rebranding or Repair

If you have owned a website for a while you are bound to need to put a fresh coat of paint on it. But if you have a website that ranks, that can be scary. If the conversion is not done correctly you will lose your rankings. SEO411 has a long history of being able to flip websites into new vehicles without any issue. And, should have have an issue because your site was flipped improperly, we are the people to call to fix it.