Web site design and E-commerce solutions are not as different from traditional print advertising as many business owners think. Gorgeous flyers in the hands of the wrong people are useless. So too, many business owners often complain that they have spent thousands of dollars on a stunning, eye-popping web site, but the phone is not ringing. “Why is that?” they often wonder.

Established companies find that search engine optimization offers great ROI (return on Investment) compared to other traditional methods of advertising. Not too many people use the Yellow Pages any more, and too many potential customers toss printed flyers and other bulk mail pieces directly into the trash. The meteoric popularity of smart phones and tablets as well as desk top and laptop computers mean that more fingers do their walking across keyboards in today’s market. Similar as they may be, a well-conceived Internet presence has the advantage today.

Internet pages that provide valuable content for Google’s end-users will achieve much higher ranking than beautiful ones that are all gloss and images with no substance. By ranking, we mean we that they are given prominence on the search engine results pages (affectionately known as SERP’s in the industry) that a user lands on after typing in a search word or string.

As to why exciting flashy sites often do not bring traffic to your Internet door, the answer is that Google doesn’t see the way we humans do. Google “sees” and values content but is blind to images and flashy extras that are not text-based. When quality-checking for web site design and E-commerce solutions, go to one of the web site’s pages, and under “View,” click on “No Style.” Ignore the images, and look at the links and text that are shown. That is what Google values and sees, and ranks according to their algorithms.

This means that appearing on the first page of a SERP should be every online business’ goal: the higher the ranking, the greater the number of potential visitors who might click in. Then, if the site has SEO-friendly web site design and E-commerce solutions, the likelihood of the phone ringing with potential clients is greatly increased.

SEO411 builds web presences and databases on a platform that is specifically created for effective search engine optimization. Many start-up companies contract with us to provide their web site design and E-commerce solution to present their company and products on the web. Then when they have grown and developed enough to permit a coordinated marketing strategy, they come back to us to either learn how to add the content or to contract with us to provide and post the content for them.

Many online internet developers claim to offer appealing search engine friendly presences, but many either do not know or do not keep current on the latest SEO strategies. In the last six months, Google has tweaked their algorithms significantly, turning once accepted practices into banned practices. Those who have pushed the limits of SEO or opted for the artistry of aesthetic web pages are finding their web site design and E-commerce solutions falling behind in search results as the phones ring less and less.

SEO411 offers the expertise that businesses large and small need to grow and develop on the Internet. Call us today to see how we can help you with your internet marketing.

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