When looking for a home for your company’s Internet presence, it is important to know that not all web hosting and enterprise solutions are created equal. Too many business owners do not realize that the wrong choice can actually harm your business online. Google, which has over 80% of the search engine market share, has high standards of what is acceptable practice and use when it comes to sites.

The easiest way to understand this is to visualize the site host as the neighborhood your online store is located in. A lot of people will avoid coming to your store if the neighborhood is filled with adult entertainment businesses, gambling, and other illicit activity. Likewise, Google penalizes business sites that are located in Internet neighborhoods filled with XXX-rated and gambling or spamming sites. So the first question to ask a potential provider is, “Do you allow adult, X-rated, or spam sites on your servers?”

Any business seeking web hosting and enterprise solutions in order to optimize its site’s SEO ranking needs to own their own domain and have access to the root files of their site. Any blog or online store should also be installed on the site. This then limits the potential hosts. Ranking is affected by how long visitors remain on your pages, so sending them off to another site for your blog or site is not good for SEO enhancement.

SEO411 provides everything our customers need to build their sites from design and implementation through search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Our own SEO411 platform lets you build sites that can more easily be optimized for ranking purposes. It includes a WYSIWYG editor for both the content and product sides of the site that actually automates some of the basic interlinking necessary to content-filled sites. Our customers also have access to easily upload images and product information for large e-stores.

The infrastructure and services offered by one of the best web hosting and enterprise solutions companies can affect the performance of every site on the servers and can make a big difference SEO-wise. At SEO411 our data and bandwidth rates are properly set so search engines can index a site as soon as possible. We offer additional anti-hacking security not provided by other services. By preventing and lowering the incidences of hacking, Google is less likely to cache a hacked version of your site which can be detrimental to your sales as well as ranking. We do everything we can to make sure that your site is not hacked.

Additionally we also provide the firewalls and technology needed by e-stores to pass rigorous PCI compliance rules. PCI is the Payment Card Industry standards designed to ensure that an Internet store processes, stores, and transmits over the Internet. Not every web hosting and enterprise solutions provider has the infrastructure to offer dedicated servers for those companies that need them the way SEO411 does. We understand load balancing and clustering.

SEO411 can help you with all of your web hosting and enterprise solutions needs. Call us at 832-510-9233 to see how we can help your site live and thrive in our SEO-friendly neighborhood.