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Houston Web Design and Development Services

Finding a solid Houston web design firm can be challenging. The lingo is hard to understand for non web designers. Sometimes the cost is high and you never really know if your picking the right firm that will create results and not just a pretty website. Fortunatley, SEO411 brings a unique skillset to building a website.

When it comes to Houston web design SEO411 is focused not only on the “pretty” but also how does that website drive results for your business. We understand that measureable results though SEO and conversion is predicated on a website built to adhere to Google’s best practices and guidelines. For it to rank well, it has to be built well. Sure there are exceptions to that, especially when we are talking about big brands that have tons of backlinks. But we understand that most of our clients are small to mid size companies that do not have that level of link support to ignore best practices and therefore we dont. 

Houston North West Chamber of Commerce
Redesign and Integration with Chambermaster
The ARK Group
Website Conversion and intergration of online learning
Houoston West Chamber of Commerce
Website Conversion and Intergration into Chambermaster
Complete website conversion address content penlty and poor site structure issues.
Sanmore Investments
Website conversion and custom application development for off market properties
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See our portfolio section  for a full list of our Web Design & SEO Clients

How We Help with Houston Web Design 

SEO411 has been building, refreshing and designing websites in Houston since 1997. And one thing we have learned is that it needs to be done right. We understand that sounds like a giving, afterall who would do something wrong on purpose. But as websites have evolved though the years, the amount of knowledge needed to build a website properly has grown exponentioally. It is not as easy as building a site in a site builder like Wix and going on about you way to having a digital marketing win. SEO411 is well versed on building a website and more importantly rebuilding an existing website so there is nothing but a huge digital marketing win. 

SEO page page quality ribbon stars SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Brand New Websites – SEO411 is well versed in how to design a brand new website from the ground up. From the initial concept and idea to a well designed website that is ready to start generating leads. Additionally we are able to create all the content necessary to build out the site to meet Google’s best practices as well as provide content that is engaging and hightlights your company’s position as thought leader.

SEO web design graphic design pencil gear SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Website Refresh and Rebuilds  Rebuilding a website is one of the most difficult things a houston web designer can do, and the thing we commonly see people come to us with. We fix what others break. The reason this is as complicated as it is start with having a page ranked in Google. When you disturb a website that is ranking well, there are many little details that can cause a website to tank and if those are not accounted for, the website will start to sink. Sometimes it happens slowly and it is hard to tell, other times its sharp and sudden drop. SEO411 has ‘flipped’ many websites. Each site has seen a sizable growth and better conversion

SEO home page page site SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Website Conversion – Anyone who has ever attended our seminars knows that we do not advise using Wix, Weeble, Web, SquareSpace or Shopify. The reason is simple. Those platforms do not give you the ablity to have a high ranking website without someone very skilled driving the platform. Usually that costs more to address than a simple coversion into WordPress. We can have websites stood up in WordPress in very short order depending on the size of the site. From there its up to you how fast or how far you want to go on the road to website success.

responsive SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Website Design

Please let us know if you are in need of a brand new site or a rebuild

How can we help?

Please let us know how we can help you with your website

Elements of Great Web Design

design tips e1583003763522 SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Visual Appeal

The first 8 seconds of any web visit is the most important part of the visitors journey. This is why the wow factor has to be accounted for on each page of your website. The pages must be visually pleasing and encourage the user to do business with your company. Great visual make for a great experience for the visitor and help form a postitive opinion of your company, simply by have a solid web design.

mindmap SEO411 Houston Web Design| Best Web Design Houston | Web Development Services

Struturally Sound

Each website needs a solid schema to develop a comprehensive well thought out website. This heiarctical approach to website design is important and often overlooked or underwelming done. A well outlined site means your clients will find precisely what they are looking for and Google will understand what your website is about. This is fundimentally necessary for success. It is simply not enough to have a 5 page website any longer and compete in the modern digital age. 

Web Development

Mobile Friendly

If you can believe there are still some websites that are not designed to be mobile friendly or use a responsive web design. Because more than 50% of vistiors are not on a mobile device this aspect cannot be ignored. Responsive websites should be included by each Houston web designer. Each web site design by SEO411 completes uses a responsive theme so you site always looks its best on mobile and we also include accerated mobile pages which will help you score better in Google. 

Web Development

We are often asked about what the difference is between web design and web development. It is easy to see why the words easily mixed up but there is a large difference between the two. Web development is the creation of custom fuctionality that is unique to a business, where web design is the superficial pages and the physical appearance of those pages. Web development often is present and needed when building an E-commerce store. Web Development could be a system that allows subscriptions and memberships. And Web Development can be extremely complex and run an entire enrollment application for multiple states. In each case the programming is custom created to suit the situation and in may cases working smarter not harder.

SEO411 has a web development team that creates custom applications to meet our clients needs and works one on one to make sure those programs meet our clients specificaitons.

Additionally SEO411 specialized in database extration and conversion. We are able to take existing databases and custom migrate those databases into other systems and platforms. This allows for easy transformation from on platform to the next in a manner that helps the business grow and walk away from older outdated systems.

All web development projects are custom and will need review process and custom quote. To start the process please call us at 713-703-3030. 

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