Creating a good public image of a company is very important whether it is a location based business or via the internet, and the latter relies heavily on online reputation management (ORM).  This is just a term used to describe the process of producing and keeping positive feedback from the public.  Its purpose is to reduce or eliminate any negative remarks or thoughts about a company and maximize the positive things instead in order to earn the trust of the public.  This is a high tech world being lived in today, and news travels at the speed of a click through the internet.  That is why it is crucial to have a good repoire with all customers and potential customers.  If someone logs onto a company site and sees nothing but harsh and belittling comments from unhappy customers, the odds of that person proceeding through the website are virtually gone.  That is why online reputation management is so important to an online business.

Since working through the internet does not provide the opportunity to be face to face with the customers or the public, it will take much more effort to make everyone happy.  Needless to say, it’s pretty much impossible to please everyone, so do not be surprised when there are complaints and criticism.  It is wise for any business, especially an online business, to admit their faults when they arise.  This will not decrease any popularity that has been acquired.  In fact, this will more than likely win over more of the public.  People generally do not mind if a store that they shop in makes a mistake as long as that store apologizes and makes things right and fair.  Now more potential customers will hear of this noble gesture and respect the company even more than before.  For internet based companies, technical issues will come up at all sorts of times, and that does tend to make some people disgruntled.  As far as online reputation management goes, the best thing to do is to face the problem head on so that things can become right again.

One important lesson to remember is to not be quick to anger.  Internet business owners and employees must remember the basics when dealing with customers, whether it is face to face or not.  Commenting back on a bad review must be done with class and respectability.  Rude or derogatory remarks are simply unacceptable for any business.  That will promptly ruin the reputation, and it says to the customers that the company and its employees do not care about their customers.  Online reputation management means that a company should humbly talk with their customers and listen to everything they have to say without lashing out on them.  This relays the message that the company cares about the people they serve.

Interacting with the business website is another great form of online reputation management.  Keeping the site updated on a constant basis and connecting with the customers are vital to creating a good image to the public.  A well designed website will also draw people in that will like the site and the company.