Internet Marketing Clinic Houston Ep 109 – 6 Tips to Better Google Rankings

In this episode, we take a look at the importance of six  specific items that will make or break your Google rankings:

  1. Content – Why content is important and how Google may now go as far as to exclude thin or. underdeveloped/uninspired content. Without a strong content footprint, it is very difficult to have a ranking website on any meaningful terms. We explained why quality content helps and used the example of our Chamber of Commerce podcast we did that helped explain how Chambers affects local SEO.
  2. Cultivating Backlinks – If you create great content a good solid natural link profile should occur. We also talk through the buying of links and why this should not really be needed if you create really good content that makes people want to link to it.
  3. Keyword Spamming – The natural inclination is to spam keywords and overuse them or forget to use them all together, there seems to be a hard time finding a happy medium. We talk through how you should approach the use of keywords on a page and what the proper keyword ratios might be.
  4. Search Engine Friendly Web Design – We talk though standard web design issues we see. How to properly construct navigation and why search engine friendly transcends a title tag, meta description and alt image tags. We also talk about why SEO should be planned first and not bolted on to a website after the fact.
  5. Quality Links – What are they and why they are important
  6. Page Speed – Why is page speed now more important than ever and why it transcends the end-user and cell phones.

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