In this increasingly competitive society, we are fully aware that clients need more than a single tool of success to succeed. Internet marketing offers us the unique opportunity to create custom packages of market penetration that rely upon one set of tools to accomplish the task.

Our Internet marketing campaigns are both multidimensional and long-term in nature. Careful planning, attentive listening, and ongoing, interactive consultation enable us to represent you intelligently to the world. This solidifies your position in the market place and expands your market base over time.

Unique, ongoing content writing is the foundation of all Internet marketing campaigns.

The articles we publish on your website educate your readers in the true value you offer to people like themselves. Unique content inspires genuine interest within the mind of the reader, and it motivates a dialogue with a strong call to action.

Our copywriters waste no time on ambiguity, nor do they ever hide behind vaguaries. Once we get to know what you do for your marketplace, we plainly spell out the benefits to all that find your site. This gives prospective clients, before they ever call you, a confident assurance that you can deliver value to their doorstep.

Organic Listings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the backbone of all Internet marketing initiatives by SEO411. Without it, a website cannot maintain its position in the marketplace. Proper utilization of keyword density, along with targeted copywriting that spells out your clear market value, are the forces that drive the momentum of your entire Internet marketing initiative.

Social networking to consolidate and expand your customer base

The first rule of marketing is to protect your existing customer base. The second rule of marketing is to expand that base from within.

Social networking services by SEO411 offers strategically works in tandem with website design. Our purpose is to create a unified presentation of your true face to the world through social media, website design, articles, blogs, and article directory marketing.

Blog writing to diversify and strengthen search marketing results

We believe that a blog is more than a passing thought passed on to readers in a moment of haste. There are almost two dozen types of blogs recognized by Internet marketing companies. These blog categories allow you to publish your values in the form of how-to’s, FAQ’s, profiles, interviews, and much, much more.

Blogs are an integral part of our copywriting services and feature a level of vocabulary that is warm, inviting, and personable to your client base.

Carefully chosen, highly selective, and very wise investments in pay per clicks

While we do not recommend relying on pay per click advertising, we do not deny its value in many cases, either. In competitive situations, helping gaining you the competitive advantage is our primary task at hand. The benefit of working with our Internet marketing team lies in our ability to find you the most relevant search terms specific to your business offerings.

Knowing what to invest in, and when, is much like buying stocks. You need the help of a broker to make the best buying decisions, and to be confident in getting maximum return on investment.

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