The dominance of the Internet is causing companies to replace their traditional advertising methods with more effective and wider ranging search engine marketing (SEM) and customer experience management strategies on the web. The optimization of websites to increase their visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as well as paid advertising usually in the form of pay-per-click ads are the two most prevalent strategies. While many SEO companies primarily rely on the easier, but more expensive pay-per-click campaigns, SEO411 understands that organic rankings are significantly more stable over a long period of time. Pay-per-click advertising does serve a purpose especially when establishing new sites, but it is not a panacea that is appropriate in all cases.

SEO411’s strategies are based upon the goals and algorithms of such entities as Google and Bing—the core of which is original, informative content for end users. This information is presented in articles that answers questions or solves problems often investigated by potential buyers. Written to engage the seeker, it must also meet the web crawlers’ guidelines for well-presented articles. Another tool in the SEM arsenal is the timely, more informal blog. Due to the contemporaneous nature of blogs, web crawlers tend to rank them higher soon after posting, dropping them over time—the opposite of the way content articles are usually ranked. This makes them a good complement to SEO content. They are also the best way for business owners to establish their expertise and answer questions of interest to visitors.

Properly executed search engine marketing makes every page on the site a “Landing Page.” This term originated with pay-per-click ad campaigns. Such pages give the visitor vital information about the product or service with a strong impetus to action. Links, as well as contact information and forms, make it easy for an interested party to leap from being simply a visitor to becoming a client. A well-designed template conveniently presents all of this information around the content making every web page an effective landing page. This strategy can make all the difference in sales volume.

Customer experience management comes into play as much, or more on the Internet than it does in a physical store. How easy is it to find a way to call or email someone to buy an item? When someone takes the time to contact a business, is the phone or email answered in a timely and friendly way that makes the potential customer feel welcome and valued. This is the policy of successful companies who are well-known for the volume of referrals and repeat business they receive.

SEO411 is leading the way in redefining the way SEM is done. As important as high visibility on the website is to bringing in new clients, it is equally important that the entire web experience is pleasant and easy for the visitor to take action. Having to look high and low to find a way to contact a sales representative or to purchase a product decreases the likelihood that a sale will be made.

A web site built upon the solid principles of search engine optimization and marketing, combined with a company whose primary goals are excellence and customer satisfaction should soon result in an expanding its client base. The goal of SEO411 is to help online companies large and small to find, convert, and keep happy customers who return and recommend them. This is what search engine marketing and customer experience management is all about.