Effective internet marketing requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Reputation Management (RM). Many companies use these terms, but they don’t all mean the same things by them. SEO is the process used to affect the ranking of a website or web page in search results. Usually, the higher the ranking of a page or site on a results page, the more visitors it receives. RM is the monitoring of an individual’s or company’s name or brand online. In the past this has been the way to address damaging online content. At SEO411, however, these are both positive processes and are simply two sides of the same coin and together they can increase a website’s exposure.

All too often web designers say they will build a rank-able website, but what a company often ends up with is a beautiful website that has a lot of flash, bells and whistles. It may look great, but it doesn’t drive customers to the website. Not many web developers understand what Google, Bing, and other such entities are looking for, and that is content–content that answers their clients’ questions and needs.

People are driven to look on the Internet because they have a problem or a need. Sometimes they have a problem and need to find a solution, while at other times they know what they need or want to buy, but are looking for the right options or price. An online business with a knowledgeable search engine optimization company behind them will not only list all their products on the site and have an easy-to-use shopping cart. They will also have a self-contained landing page for all the relevant keywords for their products.

Every SEO411 article has all the information at the user’s fingertips that will convert them into customers. What this means is that every article needs to be well-written in several ways so that it provides useful information to the end user, meets the criteria of Google and other such web crawlers to facilitate ranking, AND have easy to use contact form as well as a phone number on every page.

Today Reputation Management (RM) means so much more than overpowering bad Internet reviews. Well-written and useful content tells end-users that you are an expert in your field. Additionally, the more content you have on your site as well as a presence on the first page on search results pages also solidifies a business’ expertise and reliability.

Additionally, SEO411 makes use of blogs to reinforce the information about a company and its products as well as a means to take advantage of Google’s predilection for ranking blog posts earlier than content due to the contemporaneous nature of blogs themselves. Blogs are also a great way to present a business owner in a more informal way to potential customers as problem-solving experts in their field.

Too many websites today are frustrating to those who find their way to the sites via Google or Bing. Some have so much fun high tech add-ons that the site takes too long to load, while others have no apparent way to contact the business to ask questions about or even purchase products.

SEO411 knows that websites are no longer just a high-tech yellow pages ad with location, map, telephone number, and hours. Although that information is important, reputation management through organic search engine optimization is the best way to teach, share, and build relationships that will hopefully be profitable for both the business and the customer for a long time to come.