With so many people trying to start or improve the effectiveness of a website, knowing how to get a real internet marketing guru while avoiding scams is essential. There are some tips and hints on finding a real professional, capable of leading a website to success, which anyone can follow. In fact, the internet marketing guru may offer ways to ensure the best chance of finding a professional, while leading people away from those scammers that give others a bad name.

First, how is someone defined as an internet marketing guru?

Professionals can go to school or get educated behind an Ivy League name, but the truth is that a master may be one or the other or even both. These masters are up to date and knowledgeable on everything that has to do with advertising online. When search engines change the rules, the masters are the first to find out, and the first to freely tell people of those changes in such a manner that anyone can understand.

How can someone investigate a “master” to see if that person is honestly what they claim?

Search engines are a great resource! First, type in the name and then add “+scam” behind their name. Do a quick search and see what others have to say. Check out the name of the individual and the name of the company. When there is a scammer to be revealed or someone with a beef, online is usually the first place folks head. A lot of information can be gleaned by doing a quick search via a favorite search engine. In fact, using two or three search engines will return even better results.

Try to contact that “master”. One thing scammers try to avoid is contact, unless it has to do with getting money from a potential victim. Try calling the person, writing a real letter, or emailing the person. Even IMs, Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social websites are great for communication. What ideas can the master provide that could help? Is the person sociable and knowledgeable?

Ask for referrals and samples of past work. A true internet marketing guru will have completed a lot of work in the past, and will proudly show that work to potential clients. In addition, a true master will have made contacts. Ask for references and samples of past work experience, and then thoroughly investigate those businesses, websites, and names given. Be sure to ask questions, and try to contact those individuals as well to avoid a scam job.

Finally, if victimized by a scam or scammer, be sure to get the word out. This will help prevent others from being scammed in the future.

Is there really an internet marketing guru out there? Yes, there are in fact many masters out there, capable of providing exceptional service with a smile. Getting real results is possible, but knowing that the person who claims to be a master really is one will help keep real results in the web owner’s court, while helping to deflate the pocketbook of hoodlums.

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