What Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

Finding out what search engine optimization cost is quite possibly one of the biggest questions that a client has when deciding on whom to hire as their SEO consultant. It is also one of the most difficult questions to answer because there are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration by a company that is looking to hire a consultant.

Reasons Why Its Best To Get A Custom Quote For Your SEO Project

  • For best results, an SEO expert needs to evaluate your websites needs
  • The competition is a very important factor. While you can choose a cheap SEO plan that may work perfectly for an industry that is not competitive or if you’re looking to only rank in a remote area locally. The more competitive the market higher the cost which is mainly because more effort has to go into beating the competition.
  • While an out of the box SEM plan may work for you the best results are generally achieved with a plan that is custom tailored for your site and industry.
  • The expertise and experience of the person doing your SEO will also dictate pricing.
  • Technical SEO is a newer thing and mainly speaks to how well the site is coded, that it is mobile friendly and loads quickly. These are part of the sauce that goes in to ranking a site which is why a site audit is a vital first step to any SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization cost can be related in layman’s terms to that of the furniture business. One can go out and buy a sofa for a few hundred dollars. While you will be able to sit on this sofa and even lie on it, there are things that set this low-end sofa apart from the other pricier models available.

The sofa that comes at a higher cost will be made of better materials, will have higher quality cushioning materials, and will be designed to last a lot longer.

While it is possible to say that either model will suit the immediate needs, the price of the more expensive sofa is definitely offset by the fact that it will simply be the better choice in the end. It will look better, perform better, and last longer. This is also true with SEO cost in the form of actual work done or using a  consultant to guide an in-house marketer thru the minefield that is SEO. The finished product will look better, perform better, and last longer. Perhaps it is wise to consider the old cliché, “they get what they pay for”.

Search engine optimization cost will vary depending on the expert level of the SEO consultant you choose as well as the resources needed to rank a site in your niche. A SEO consultant that can show that they have successfully ranked other clients well will always demand a higher price or fee than those that are not nearly as successful.

However, it is important to note that there is no way to offer a guarantee that a ranking will land a company on the first page of an internet query. If a consultant makes an offer of a guarantee such as that, it is probably wise to move on to another consultant. Results can be guaranteed just not to the level of ” I can guarantee you first place ranking for Keyword x.  Where reasonable expectations and guarantees of progress are achievable saying you will rank on word x number one is not.

A successful SEO consultant will be able to explain what techniques and methods they use in order to help their clients achieve the highest ranking that is possible on the internet today.

There are many ranking factors but all SEO’s use a mix of the following.

  • On-Site SEO – which consists of quality and informative creation of content as well as optimizing title tags for the search engines as well as the user.
  • Off-Site SEO – which is literally everything else like link building, social media, guest posting.
  • Technical SEO – this is where the site speed and code and more technical details are evaluated and recommended fixes are made to optimize the sites performance on desktops as well as mobile devices.
  • Local Optimization – this generally involves optimizing the Google My Business listing for the business to get visibility in the local area that it is in. This is done with a variety of things that can be from citation building, getting reviews, adding images, and setting up the website to properly reflect the location.

There are also different SEO packages that are available which will inevitably define the final search engine optimization cost. Some SEO consultants will work with some clients on a per-project basis and scale. Others will require an hourly or monthly rate. Some are packages that are for a specified amount of time, such as a year. While there is no way to offer a dollar amount on what this type of consultant will cost, it is important to note that SEO consultants can make the difference in getting by and being hugely successful within the internet realm.